Tips for customizing Model Homes

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Model homes, also known as display homes or show houses, are very important to home builders as they are the sample products that will try to captivate and convince the clients into buying a house from their company. Model homes must be designed to show the functionality and features of the different spaces in the house. It also needs to be visually appealing to every type of client, which is why a lot of thought and effort is needed to achieve the optimal design for the model home.

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If you are planning to customize a model home and are looking for suggestions and new ideas to transform the old model house into a new model home, then consider this day as your luckiest as designers from Glenvill Homes have decided to share some tips in the designing and customization of their model homes.

Check out the 5 tips in the customization of model homes;

Sketch and Draw your Ideas

The very first step in customizing a model home is to gather all the ideas in your mind and put them onto a piece of paper. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense in the beginning, just keep on sketching and drawing until such time that your ideas begin to evolve and innovate into one single concept that will be the basis for your customization. If you aren’t familiar with home design software and you don’t want to spend a small fortune on home design software then check out our guide through Best free home design software.

Features and Functionality

After deciding the concept for the customization, it is now time to decide on what features each room or space in the display home will show. Functionality is also important as a house lacking with the necessary functionalities cannot be called a house. A house first and foremost needs to satisfy the living needs of a person or a family. Make sure that the features and functionality of the display home are properly shown or expressed. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house and the functionality is the most important thing in every kitchen. If you want to learn more check out our Functional kitchen design tips.

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In the decoration of the model home, you don’t necessarily need to buy or get new furniture and fixtures. Try mixing things up; re-arranging the furniture, changing the angles of lighting to increase or decrease light penetration. You can also try to re-paint and experiment on new combinations of colors. Soft and light colors are currently trending as they make small rooms seem larger. Neutral colors are also very good as they represent simplicity. Combining simple paint colors and elegant wood furniture can give a very appealing fusion of two concepts. If you need some specific home furnishing tips then check out our list of Best home furnishing ideas.

Maximize spaces to give room for clients

Try not to add too much furniture or accessories in the model home. Instead, use only the necessary furniture and appliances. This will make the clients appreciate the space that they can potentially customize or make use of themselves. In today’s information technology, a lawyer can quickly become an interior designer just by surfing the net.

Create a main attraction

In your design for the customization of the model home, try to focus on a particular room or space that will shine the most out of all the rooms in the display home. Make this space the star of the model home. This space will be the main attraction and the main reason for the transformation of the old model home into a new one.

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