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You can spend countless hours of thinking and planning your living space but you never can visualize the space entirely. It’s always better to have a real 3D view of your future home before purchasing any furniture, appliances, wallpaper or tiles. You can find great apps and software online which are easy to use and with various options. Best of all they are completely free! Don’t worry, they are also very simple to use and no training or instructions are needed.

Sweet Home home designer software

We will present you best free home design software which can be downloaded or used for free.

Design my room

Design 3D home design software

Design my room is a great software when it comes to material samples and applying those samples on your future home in 3D view. Armstrong has a good 3D program which allows various combinations of floors, walls, ceilings etc. Design a room lets you pick a room in your home which will be designed and the you can play with styles, colours and textures. This program is great for those who want to see the final result before spending any money. Besides that, Armstrong gives useful tips and, for example, warns you when you try to put wooden floor in the bathroom. Also, it enables you to have realistic view of your future room and therefore allows you to create a functional home.

IKEA Home Planner

Ikea Home Planner home design software

Ikea has a free software with which you can adapt the furniture to the specifications of your home. When you are watching the products in catalogs you never know how some piece of furniture would look in your home but the Ikea home planner lets you do just that. Simply draw the ground-plan of your home and put the furniture in it and then you can print this and go shopping for the specific piece of furniture.


Cedreo home design software

Cedreo is more than a 3D home design tool. It helps home builders, remodelers and interior designers shorten the sales cycle and improve close rates. Use complete conceptual home designs with 3D renderings to increase sales. Create floor plans and 3D renderings that help sell remodeling projects. Generate photorealistic 3D renderings that communicate interior designs faster.

IKEA Kitchen Planner

Ikea Kitchen Planner home design software

Ikea also has the software for kitchen planning. Ikea kitchen planner enables you to put in the list of components so you can find out how much would the specific kitchen cost. Also you can input the dimensions, door positions, window positions and then you can see will your future kitchen be functional.

Sweet home 3D

Sweet Home 3D home design software

This 3D virtual software is ideal for those who want more options and for those who want great results. It’s free and you simply need to login and you can use the software but also you can download it and have it on your desktop if you are doing a lot of planning. The advantage of Sweet home 3D is an option of resizing the furniture if those from catalog doesn’t fit to your needs. Also you can import your own models of furniture into the program. The software also has great 3D view of your future home and lets you take a walk through your future home. By our opinion this is the best free home planning software and it is ideal for beginners but it also has the advanced options for those who want more.

My deco 3D room planner 

My Deco 3D home design software

If you want to make your own ground-plan or to play with those already made, then this is the software for you. My deco 3D planner enables you to put walls, doors, windows and choose from variety of floors, tiles etc. Also it is possible to import real products into the software and you can choose all from kitchen components to tools in the garage.

Space designer

Space Designer home design software

Space Designer is a software that can be used to plan out rooms and/or entire home layouts directly on their website.  It’s super easy to use (drag and drop) and fun.  Designs can be in 2D or 3D. While it’s free, they offer a donation option (no obligation).  You can use this software directly on their website (nothing to download so it’s fast and convenient).

Home styler

Home styler home design software

HomeStyler is a free interior design software that’s easy to use.  It’s web-based (meaning you can use it directly on the website without having to download anything).  You design your room, doors and windows, experiment with inserting products in the room and then convert the design into 3D.

Planner 5D

Planner 5D home design software

Create your room design and convert it into a 3D color display so you get a good idea how the room will appear.  You can inject furniture and all kinds of room features including windows, doors, stairs, partitions, arches and more. Planner 5D also designs homes (exteriors) as well as landscaping and pools.  Put it all together and you can create your own custom home from top to bottom.


Home by me home design software

HomeByMe is a free room planner software that you download.  You can inject real products and furniture.  Once done planning your room, you can convert it into a 3D graphic.

We hope that you found the software which best suits your needs. If you want to learn more about kitchen design check out our article Kitchen remodeling tips or browse through our Home improvement section.

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