How To Landscape Around Trees And Shrubs

The trees and shrubs on your garden or lawn are key features that need attention when it comes to landscaping. Although they are already playing important roles such as providing well-needed shade, improving air quality, and providing refuge for animals, special attention should be given to the areas around their trunks. These parts are usually [...]

What are the Trees to Plant in Northern California?

For many Americans who’ve never visited California, the mental image goes something as follows: Los Angeles glitz, Beverly Hills Glam, Hollywood starlight, surfing, the Golden Gate Bridge, a few earthquakes here and there, and maybe—just maybe—the occasional sequoioideae. Sequoioideae is the botanical term for those giant redwoods that grow in northern California. If you’re not [...]

Garden Designs: Tips & Guide

People say that the best gardens are those that make them comfortable and happy.  Sure, planned gardens look good, but they also have to feel good. The best gardens are those that are not too hard to maintain. Spaces must be convenient, while plants do not collide and should serve as a function. Thus, aspiring [...]

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