Painting can be quite a chore, not to mention a challenge if you are not keen on the job. It takes a great deal of time and attention to detail to do a good job which is the reason why most people hire out the task to a professional. It is often worth it to spend the money on a professional painting service such as Pete’s Professional Painting & Powerwashing to do the job right the first time around with no mistakes. While it may be best to hire out the job, it can be a challenge to find a reputable painting contractor in your area.
How to choose painting contractor

This article will provide some tips to help you find a professional painting contractor in your vicinity so that you can get the project hired out and completed as soon as possible.

Specify the details

Describe the job in detail, including specific products or colors you want, a desired time frame, and possible obstacles (drywall needs repair, etc.). This becomes the job description for your specific painting job. The details should consist of  type and amount of surface preparation, priming (including type and brand), caulking (type and where it will be used), drywall patching, the brand of paint (should reference the manufacturer’s product line), how many coats will be used and estimated cost by your guess or compared to a similar job.

Look for experience

When selecting a painting contractor, you will want to consider how long the painter has been on the job. Experience matters and time on the job can make a big difference. While trade-type jobs can have a high turnover rate because the pay is not stellar, you will want t


The cost of the project can be a typical concern and something that you should budget appropriately for. It is not appropriate to expect to pay very little for a professional job done. You should expect to pay a good deal of money per room or square footage. To get someone who is highly qualified, licensed, and insured, you will have to pay a decent sum. In addition, be sure to ask what is included in the cost estimate you receive.

You should also check out the staff needed to get the job done. You do not want 10 people painting a 1,000 square feet if you have a smaller house. Also, you don’t want just two people painting a beachfront estate.

Get multiple bids

Getting multiple bids will help you in making the best decision for your home or your company. When asking for a bid, be sure to share the same details and ask the same questions with each bidder. This way, you can be sure that you are getting a detailed estimate from each contractor and you can weigh the pros and cons of each. Multiple bids means more variety for you.

How to choose a painting contractor - pallete

Check for licensing and proper paperwork

It is always a good idea to hire someone who is licensed and has the proper bonds or paperwork needed to perform the job. Insurance is important as it protects the workers on site as well as your home should something go wrong during the job. By law, all contractors doing home improvement are required to have a valid contractor’s license. To get this license, applicants must verify their experience and must pass an exam testing their knowledge of the trade. If a person does not have a contractor’s license, it can be an indication that they lack the necessary expertise.

Inquire about a warranty or work guarantee

Some painters will offer a warranty or a paint guarantee for the job they completed. Be sure to ask about this when researching potential contractors. This can make a difference in your ultimate decision as to which bid you choose. If one contractor offers a guarantee or a warranty for a period of time after the job and others do not, it may be worth it to spend a few extra dollars to have the warranty.

If you feel that your’re up to the task you can try to DIY paint your home simply by following our Painting tutorial.