Need Help Fixing Appliances? [Tips and Tricks]

Every year, families spend thousands of dollars fixing household appliances. Some of the major appliances might even demand huge replacement amounts. The problem is that you might be spending huge amounts on repairing some simple errors. Although DIY repair is not recommended, some repairs are super simple. You can handle them even without any experience! [...]

Why You Should Invest in a Juicer

We all know that fruits and vegetables are such an important part of our diets, and for many of us, the recommended five a day just isn’t enough. One of the most convenient (and tasty) ways to get all the fruits and vegetables you need is by drinking juice. You can find every possible variety [...]

Surefire Ways to Save on Appliance Repair 

Essential appliances play a variety of important roles in the functionality of any household. From refrigerators to washing machines to ovens, appliances enable us to perform a bevy of everyday tasks in a simple and hassle-free manner. However, even the most reliable home appliances will find themselves in need of the occasional repair. Depending on [...]

How to Remove Mold from Your Front Loader

Amongst washing machines, the front load variety leads the competition. They are reputed for being gentle on clothes while being quiet and efficient in their operation. Simultaneously, they are notorious for accruing nasty mold and mildew. They clean clothes well but allows mold to thrive on their detergent residue and moisture. You can easily recognize [...]

How to Decide If a Dryer Repair is Worth It

Perhaps one of the most common questions surrounding appliance repair is the tradeoff between repairing and replacing. And how to know when you should opt for one over the other. This is something that’s sent homeowners for a loophole for years. And unfortunately, there’s still not a clear cut answer out there that’s universally accepted. [...]