How frequently should a boiler be replaced?

Question! When was the last time your boiler received maintenance or was replaced? Have you just recently relocated? What are your current knowledge about the state of your boiler? Although it may seem like a tedious process, if your boiler were to suddenly break down, you would not only have to deal with the discomfort [...]

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How to Choose the Best Microwave Oven for Small Kitchen?

A microwave oven is a common kitchen appliance that helps you cook or heat food items quickly. If you are looking for the best microwave oven for your small kitchen, there are some important factors to consider. Size and capacity are two of the most important factors, but other factors include power, features, and design. [...]

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Do Gas Boilers Need Servicing?

If you are not sure whether or not gas boilers need servicing, the simple answer is Yes. Your gas boiler requires yearly servicing to extend the manufacturer's warranty because failing to service it can lead to the manufacturer terminating the warranty. There are several other reasons why hiring a professional engineer to perform a gas boiler service [...]

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6 Reasons You Should Buy a Portable Aircon

Due to the hot and humid weather in the Philippines, many residents install air conditioners to keep their homes cool and comfortable. However, not all homes are designed to accommodate the installation of a window or split-type aircon. In these circumstances, a portable aircon is a great alternative. A portable aircon works like other air [...]

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Ultrasonic Сleaner: Tips on Сhoosing

Modern household appliances make our lives much more comfortable. Thanks to them, we can forget many routine household chores and devote ourselves to family or hobbies. An ultrasonic home cleaner can save even more time and make various small items in our home perfectly clean. What Is an Ultrasonic Cleaner? An ultrasonic cleaner is a [...]

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Maintenance Tips for Your Hot Water System

Residential hot water systems keep water flowing to the home at the perfect temperature. While most modern hot water heaters will provide years of use with minimal maintenance, there are still some things that you’ll want to do. The water heater provides warm water for dishes, showers, and other needs in the home. Therefore, you’ll [...]

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