Are Cordless Vacuum Cleaners Effective Enough for House Cleaning

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A vacuum cleaner is one of the most reliable household devices often used to clean spacious floors and surfaces quickly and effectively. Conventional models, however, are commonly heavy and bulky, and it makes cleaning of small spaces, narrow crevices, and walled corners a bit of a challenge. To make things worse, most of them are also not designed to clean all type of messes.

Cordless vacuum cleaners

As consumers seek for convenience in performing everyday cleaning tasks, cordless vacuums became a popular alternative. Similar to other household appliances, a cordless vacuum cleaner is not a perfect all-around solution for all cleaning tasks. The duration of operation while on battery and the reduced suction power are just some of the issues connected with cheap handheld vacuum cleaners. Considering all the pros and cons of conventional corded vacuum cleaners versus modern handheld models, it still can be proven that a cordless vacuum cleaner is the better alternative. Listed below are the reasons why a cordless vacuum cleaner is the better option.


Many models of heavy-duty cordless vacuum cleaners weigh less than six pounds. These are comparably lighter in weight compared to corded vacuum cleaners which are generally more than twice as heavy. The lighter weight of cordless vacuum cleaners makes them more user-friendly and easy to use especially for small children and elderly people. It also reduces the risk of accidents when moving the machine up and down the stairs.

Cordless vacuum cleaners - cleaning

Suction Power

One of the downsides of cordless vacuum cleaners is that generally, they have less suction power compared to traditional vacuum cleaners. There are however powerful handheld models such as the excellent Dyson range of cordless vacuums that can deliver more than just cleaning up light dust and dirt. This depends on the brand and the model of the unit you are using. As much as possible, choose a cordless vacuum cleaner with more than 4 amperes of power for a more efficient cleaning.

Cleaning Ability

Since handheld cordless vacuum cleaners are smaller and more compact, they are more able to reach tight spaces where ordinary corded vacuum cleaners could not. Conventional corded stick vacuum cleaners may come with accessories such as nozzles and hose to reach corners and crevices. But why waste your time with additional installations when you can use a cordless vacuum cleaner instead?

Duration of Operation

Many people worry about purchasing cordless vacuum cleaners because of the limited duration that they can operate the machine. This is not a big problem when using high-quality lithium ion batteries which can power a regular cordless vacuum cleaner for around 30 to 40 minutes. Backup another interchangeable battery and you have more than enough time to clean a large room carpet.

Cordless vacuum cleaners - handheld

Storage and Maintenance

These compact cordless vacuum cleaners are easy to store and maintain. Most models do not require bags and come with a waste compartment instead. The filters are easy to clean and most parts seldom require repairs and replacements.

The Final Verdict

Taking several factors into consideration, it can be concluded that cordless vacuum cleaners are effective for regular household cleaning, especially if you have pets and you need to clean up pet hair every day.. With their size, ease of use, and ability to perform common cleaning tasks, they are more than good enough to replace your corded vacuum cleaners.

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