Functional kitchen design tips

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Functional kitchen design tips

Designing your dreamy kitchen without a clear focus on functionality can lead to big regrets down the road. Kitchens have to be easy to use and fit your personal cook-flow. The lack of clever planning might cost you more than cash, but valuable time you could otherwise save. In this comprehensive guide we will try to point out all the things that you need to consider in order to achieve the functional kitchen design. If not designed in a functional and easy-going manner, your newly fitted kitchen will be awkward to cook and hard to entertain in. Many homeowners have met the sorrow regret of not consulting with a professional kitchen fitter, for professionals have installation know-how and experience that is always valuable.

How to start planning your functional kitchen design?

Keep the goal of efficiency in mind when planning your dreamy cooking setup. Create a working triangle. A kitchen design that is functional, keeping everything you need close at hand and is comfortable to work in. Before even starting with designing it, make sure you probe the thousands of interior fitting ideas out there. Once you have a clear concept of design and arrangement, make sure to as a reliable handyman kitchen fitter for critics and feedback. Sometimes rearranging a couple of cupboards and drawers could change the way you feel and even how good of a cook you are. If you want more tips on how to redesign your kitchen check out our Kitchen remodeling guide. The choice between comfort and displeasure comes with your initial kitchen blueprint!

Finding functional kitchen design can be a complicated process

With so many choices, it is easy to be lead astray from what really matters in your interior home  design. Plotting specific goals at the start, will keep you on the road to your dream kitchen. The domestic kitchen is arguably the single most complex room in any home. Designing the perfect kitchen takes both time and nerves. It is surprising how much kitchens have changed in the last 5 decades. Back in the days kitchens used to be quite functional, spacious and out of sight. Nowadays things have changed, and kitchens are often considered the heart of any home, because that is where families come together, where guest often have dinner and where you enjoy cosy weekends.

Functional kitchen design - island with sink

Plan your kitchen in proportion

A common problem that often happens when people have a sample room in which to plan a kitchen is proportion. This can lead your design focus shifting to a wow factor. The tendency can be to do things like extending the distance between the island and the countertop. Another one would be the placement of appliances like refrigerators and cook worktops based solely on the look of the design. While some kitchen lovers insist having the sink nearby the oven cooker, others prefer a wider worktop for various preparation. Make sure you set a clear idea of what you want and what you need.

Repercussion of poor planning

This type of form over function thinking often makes cooking and cleaning more difficult. Yes, you want your kitchen to feel open, airy, and inviting, but you don’t want to have to walk 15 feet from your fridge to your range. A beautiful kitchen does not serve its purpose on beauty alone. Poor planning will leave you with a kitchen that is a nightmare to cook and entertain in. To fix when once fitted is a costly and nerve-consuming experience you would rather avoid.

Keep the goal of efficiency as a top priority

The arrangement between the sink, the fridge, and the range should form an equilateral triangle if you map them out. When you’re cooking, those are the three points of the kitchen you’ll be repeatedly visiting, so it’s best to have them more or less equidistant to each other. Planning this triangle should always be customized to your personal taste and desire. Think about the view from either the range or the sink. If you prefer to address your guests from the adjacent space while cooking, it’s best to place the range in a position where you can talk to people while you’re cooking. The same goes for someone who imagines themselves spending more time at the sink. In that case, the triangle should be planned from the sink instead.

Functional kitchen design - modern design

Staying focused on how your kitchen will be used throughout the designing process will ensure you end up with a kitchen you will love and enjoy. Cooking is art and if you don’t design what workflow you want, you might end up regretting it in the long term. In case of uncertainty and doubt, make sure you harmonize your ideas with an experienced kitchen fitter. A professional kitchen designer can save you the nerves, hassle and lack of crucial know-how for achieving functional kitchen design.

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