Metal Made Bed Frames vs Wooden Bed Frames Factors: Choosing Your Bedroom Slats

It is easy to understand why people will put so much focus on choosing the right mattress, pillows, and warm and comforting blankets for a restful sleep. Unfortunately, these things will be for naught if you do not choose the right bed frame to hold everything together while you roam your dreams. Wood and metal bed frames are the most weighted choices as a base for a mattress! The question now is which of these two-bed frames is best for you? The answer is not as straightforward as you’d like it to be.

Metal Made Bed Frames vs Wooden Bed Frames

At we know that there are crucial factors to consider when choosing between a metal and a wooden bed frame and here’s a thorough guide to help you through!

Let’s dive in,

Cost of Metal Beds vs Wooden Beds

Wood bed frames are more expensive than metal bed frames. This is especially true if you are going to buy one made of exotic hardwoods, such as Australian Cypress, Brazilian Walnut, and Purple Heart. If they make the bed frame of engineered wood, you can expect the price to be lower. Premium engineered wood that consists of thicker layers of hardwood will often command a premium price. Besides used in property construction, wood needs a second guess when it comes to lighter usage such as interior furnishing or exterior decoration.

Metal Made Bed Frames vs Wooden Bed Frames - price tag

There are also metal bed frames that are as expensive as solid timber. This is often the case in large-sized beds. A queen- or a king-sized bed will require metal that has a thicker or a larger gauge. This will help improve the bed frame’s ability to accommodate a large-sized mattress. Hence, large metal bed frames are comparable in price to wood bed frames of the same size. The price difference grows as the size of the bed decreases. You can expect to pay less for a single-sized metal bed frame than a wooden bed of the same size.

Are Metal or Wood Bed Frames more Robust?

The sturdiness of any bed frame is a function of its strength when put to weight or hit. Bed frames made of solid timber are stronger than either engineered wood or metal. The tough fibers of trees make them resilient to tear. They also do not rust or corrode. Solid timber is also more resistant to physical damage than metal. Metal can bend where wood absorbs a hit and could suffer partial structural damage.

Manufacturers of wooden beds often include thick and strong slats in the frame. This provides the frame with additional and stronger support. Most of the metal bed frames on the market do not have slats. Reputable wooden bed makers always use high-quality materials. They only use the toughest and most resilient species of timber in the making of beds. Many are also custom-made to give customers a sturdy wooden bed that can support their weight. Small metal bed frames do not require very thick or large-gauge metals.

Larger beds, on the other hand, need to have thick metal components. This is necessary to help support the weight of the mattress and the persons sleeping on it.

With sturdiness, solid wood beds are the best.

Noise Levels from Wood and Metal Bed Frames

The whole idea about getting a good night’s sleep is to have as minimal stimulus as possible. That is why we turn out the lights and other electronic devices in our bedroom. This allows the brain to go into a restorative mode. If you move during sleep and your bed creates an irritating noise, then it would be almost impossible to achieve restful slumber. There is an obvious relationship between noise levels and the quality of sleep. Poorly constructed bed frames often have loose joints and ill-fitting components. These design flaws allow for the movement of the different components, rubbing against each other, and creating noise.

In general, metal generates noise that is more audible or perceptible than that of lumber. The sound is creaky and high-pitched. The noise that can come from moving and grinding wooden components are low-pitched. The human ear perceives the high-pitch noise a lot better than it does the low-pitch sound. Metal bed frames that have slats often have thin bars. These bars flex under the weight. Wooden slats are sturdier. They also do not flex as much as metal bars do. This can also help explain why wooden beds sound quieter with movement than metal beds. If you want a peaceful sleep without the creaking noise, then a wooden bed frame is for you.

Customization of Wood and Metal Beds

A log is an excellent material for creating fantastic art forms. Experienced craftsmen can carve very intricate details in wood to give the bed frame a dreamy look or adjustable function, along with both its advantages and disadvantages. Even bed frames made of engineered wood can also become a classic piece. You only need an artisan to apply his skills in customizing the frame.

Metal you can easily shape but not decorate

However, many of these elements can only function as embellishments or decorations. It is often not advisable to create a metal bed frame post with ornate designs because this can undermine the integrity and strength of the frame. This does not mean you cannot look for a metal bed manufacturer who can design the frame according to your specifications. You can also paint your metal bed in different colors, allowing personalization.

Adjustability is another aspect of customization that you will want to assess in a bed frame you want to buy. Most beds have removable headboards. Others allow for the adjustment of the height of the bed. Both metal and wooden beds offer such adjustability.

Wooden beds offer more customization options than metal bed frames.

According to interior designers HomeRenoGuru, minimalist bedrooms may not have a need for a bed with intricate designs and simple bed do. However, if you have children in mind, a functional Montessori bed can make a bedroom into a playground to learn, which is the best a parent can do.

How To Craft Your Own Bed Frame

Support of the Bed Frame

A good bed frame should be able to support the weight of the mattress, the sleep implements, and the person sleeping or making love on it. Both a metal bed and a wooden bed can offer exceptional support if they build both with good-quality materials and assemblage.

When the comparison comes to the material itself, logs are a sturdier material than metal. However, one also needs to understand the construction of a bed frame. Shoddy construction can still produce a bed with mediocre support, even if that bed features the best possible quality materials used are fit for purpose. Another material that can provide the most support for any weight is solid stone. Unfortunately, it is very rare to find a bed frame made purely of a solid block of rock or stone.

Weight of Bed Frames

Weight is another factor that buyers of bed frames should always consider. The heavier the bed is, the more difficult it is to move. However, cleaning under the bed can be problematic if the bed is too heavy as it can be very difficult to push and reach beneath. On the other hand, a heavy bed offers stability during sleep. Its weight alone is enough to keep the bed in place, regardless of how much you move during sleep. Lightweight beds offer convenience with moving and cleaning the bedroom. You can easily shift the bed to one side of the room to make your cleaning more thorough.

The downside to a lightweight bed is that you will have more annoying sounds whenever you stir at night. The bed can move as you move. With weight, there is a consensus that wood is heavier than metal. This is not always the case. It depends on the timber used in the bed’s construction. Beds made from good old logs are far heavier than those made from engineered wood.

Different engineered woods also have varying weights, depending on the composition of layers used. Engineered wood with a greater proportion of solid timber than fiberboard weighs heavier than wooden beds with less solid wood layers. The same is true with metal. The gauge of the metal used in the bed’s fabrication can spell whether the bed will be heavy or light.

Metal Bed Frame with Wooden Slats?

Mostly this option comes to your budget, as metal bed frames are a less popular choice for a cold and chilly winter for the temperature drop they come with. It’s no secret that wooden beds are warmer and comfier. That’s why having wooden slats is a somewhat compromise that will both dampen the impact of steel during cold temperatures and ease the bill of furnishing the bedroom.

Metal Legs or Wooden Legs?

  • What is it all about? It’s all about damage on your floor or floor covering.
  • Can you put wood slats on a metal bed frame? Yes, and you better do.

Of course, you can always find an alternative way to dampen effects from raw and edgy metal

Choosing Between a Wooden Bed Frame and a Metal Bed Frame

Are up to the greenway of thinking for cleaner and more sustainable living?
Looking For An Eco-Friendly Bed? Here’s A Guide For You!

Metal Made Bed Frames vs Wooden Bed Frames - choosing

Pick a wooden bed frame if you:

  • Love a customized bed
  • Want to add a more natural and elegant touch to your bedroom
  • Are a believer or an advocate of green technology
  • Need a trendy bedroom furniture
  • Love a glossy touch to your bed
  • Need excellent support

A wooden bed is not for you if you:

  • Have a limited budget
  • Dislike heavy furniture
  • Hate meticulous care and maintenance

A metal bed frame is best for people who:

  • Enjoy the freedom of design
  • Want a durable bed
  • Need a fireproof bed
  • Want a bed available in different models and colors
  • Hate regular bed maintenance

Do not buy a metal bed frame if you:

  • Cannot sleep with creaky noise
  • Prefer elegance above all else
  • Are a fan of recycling
  • Weigh heavier than the rated weight capacity of the bed

One important factor to consider is the long-term environment of the bedroom as with high levels of humidity, you’d rather go with wooden bed frames that have proper sealing preventing moisture from penetrating wood itself, where on the other end you have high temperatures and rapid amplitude jumps that make metal bed frames the preferable choice. as the integrity of wood might succumb to it and eventually crack, which metal won’t.

Wood or Metal beds – Round up

Choosing between a metal bed and a wooden bed frame is a matter of preference. The more you recognize what you want, the better you will be at deciding. To summarize, wood bed frames are perfect for those who want quiet in their sleep, style in their bedroom, and a sturdy frame. If you are a cost-efficient homeowner, then a metal bed frame is for you.

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