How to Keep Your Garden Conservatory Up to Date

Back in the 70’s garden conservatories were used merely as a resting room or seating in the shade but nowadays progress, know-how and technology can make habitable all year-round.

garden conservatory

To own one is costly and requires frequent maintenance and care. Depending on the climate in your specific area, conservatories might have different uses depending on the season. You could carry a tray of cocktails, cook a gorgeous BBQ dinner or sit in front of a fireplace done in beautiful masonry.

Paint and on-trend colors

Regardless if built entirely from glass or shed-alike, it is color that adds the final dash of charm to any conservatory. While you have countless alternatives to pump up the exterior, a well-balanced palette will have the biggest impact in terms of curb appeal. While 10 years ago the predominant trends follow a more classic look, nowadays you can widen your scope for painting your exterior.

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“A few years back conservatories were mostly painted in white or light neutral colors, while nowadays trends can vary throughout colors and finishes, such as the flat, satin or gloss finish, or colors such as the trendy khaki palette, which is also quite popular for interiors” advised the experts at My Handyman Services, “Older units were built as a glass box, attached to the property, while nowadays people tend to match and blend. Where people used to have a visually unpleasing addition to the house, they now have a well-built and finished extension or garden shed. To be honest, we’re often upselling repaint for the sole purpose of those matching with conservatories, garden sheds and fences.”

Backup power

It’s a great idea to ensure allocated external power unit such as a power unit, predator inverter generators are great choices. You can wire the unit to serve both your home and conservatory, depending on whether you want to spend your time in or out during an power surge anomaly till power comes back on.

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Conservatories are rarely built in a solid manner and susceptible to both heat and cold.

“One option is to utilize outdoor heaters but the best you can do is to build a custom-fitted fireplace”, suggests James Allan, bricklayer, mortar and masonry professional, “Just make sure you insulate and waterproof the exterior in a professional manner.”

There is nothing quite like the warmth and comfort of a beautifully-built fireplace. However, an outdoor heater will be an absolute  must if you want to enjoy your conservatory space as temperatures drop really low. You can also tuck heaters in safe and sound during the warmer seasons.

Mount appropriate lighting

When it comes down to equipping your conservatory with all the appropriate lighting, you have quite quite a few options, ranging from: outdoor lamps, walkover lights, LED tape or strips, ground-fitted lights, external wall-hung lighting fixtures, bollard fixtures, and many more.

Garden conservatory lighting

Just make sure you have enough light to fully enjoy the warm summer nights in your special garden spot.

Electric remotely controlled blinds

A common trend in conservatory design is the rich on glass structure that is great when it comes down to the amount of sunlight you get but at the same time, privacy is close to zero. According to, remote controlled blinds will impact the visibility and interest for both buyers and renters by an extent where there might be an actual value increase to overall price of your property.

Many garden conservatories are built mostly out of windows and glass which can be great when it comes to sunlight exposure and vitamin D but unfortunately, it’s a disaster in terms of your privacy. Without the shadow of a doubt, installing remote controlled blinds is the one best solution for people who want to both enjoy the Sun and be able to shut it down at will.

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In the hot and sunny season, opening and closing blinds would be the last chore on your to do list. That’s where such minor at first, but actually invaluable additions to any conservatory or shed. To pull cords back and forth is a thing of the past.

Consider window openers

Companies like the specialize in the trade of such automated units that allow the owner full control over the levels of sunlight exposure and airflow. Stale air is an enemy to any conservatory and having more automated control. Leave the discomfort of manually opening and closing your windows in the past.

Tip: Remote controlled window openers mean that you could also install windows on your ceiling.

Install ceiling fans

When the weather outside is simply too hot to open a window, then installing a simple ceiling fan is the best solution to tackle intense summer heat.

ceiling fan

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If fans can cool down premises such as restaurants, stores and business offices, then fans can work more than great for domestic use. Some units also allow remote control too.

Furnishing and seating

The one important aspect of planning and choosing the outdoor furnishing for your conservatory are the extreme temperatures during warm and cold seasons and how they affect chairs, sofas, solid wood, engineered wood and etc. According to the Vera from Adiron HQ, choosing the right set of chairs is superb options particularly for conservatories, because that type of seating is elegant. functional, easy to maintain, repair and refresh after long usage. Another great idea are the classic dining sets with foldable chairs, swing seats and even portable bars. Just make sure you equip yourself with covers so you can properly store inventory throughout the moisty fall and chilly winter. Another top-rated and extremely popular accessory according to Vera is the cozy hammock. It’s rather simple to install, clean and maintain. You can relocate, reconfigure and even upgrade with ergonomic fillers and support to help you fight back pain, which is an invaluable addition for any back pain sufferer.

Keep the garden and plant live in shape

It is a good idea to make a list of important garden products that you’ll need while working your way throughout the garden surrounding your conservatory. Take some time to make that list. It will help you to keep all the necessary tools ready beforehand so that you don’t have to stop your work because you lack the tool you need.

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Built in the 70’s or last week, the perfect conservatory is the one that is cozy and equipped enough to ensure your comfort. Exterior paint, lights, backup power, heating, lights, remote controlled windows and blinds are just a few of the many great improvements you can do.

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