Little tricks for easy painting

Every room looks better with a fresh coat of paint. Painting the walls can be a pleasant work or the work which gives you headache. One thing is sure, if you want to change the look of your rooms often it is to expensive to hire a professional every time, so read our painting tricks and enjoy in fresh painted rooms as often as you like with no extra costs! First of all, do not rush with painting. Plan one day for repairing cracks in the walls, holes from nails or even bigger holes. The wallboard compounds need time to dry so you will not waste your time. You can learn how to fix holes in the drywall in one of our previous articles how to fix a hole in drywall.

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Prepare the tools before painting. On our list you will find all the tools that you need for quality painting. For professional results tools must be appropriate for the type of paint that you are using. The brush made out of natural fibres are best for oil based paints. The natural fibers will soak the water from an water based paint and won’t paint to good. The brushes made out of synthetic fibers are best for water based or latex paints but they can be good for almost all types of paint. The paint roller with plastic base will last longer than the roller with cardboard center. Pick the roller with thick short fluffs for smooth surfaces like drywall or use the roller with longer fluffs for walls with rough texture.

Put paper tape on all wall edges, windows and on all things you can’t remove because it is easier to tape it than to remove dried paint from it. Remove all sockets and switches and all the lights and store them in separate plastic bags. If you think that you can’t remove things related with electricity yourself then you can put plastic tape on them as well but keep in mind that removing them provides best results.

Move all furniture in the center of the room and cover it and the floor with drop cloth. Some people use newspapers but drop cloth provides complete protection of your furniture and floors. Tape the drop cloth to the floor on the corners so it doesn’t move while painting. If you are taking a break from painting you don’t have to wash the roller, simply wrap it into the plastic bag. For longer storing of the roller (up to one week) you can put it wrapped roller in the freezer. Simply get it out of the freezer one hour before painting and you are ready to paint.

The video below, brought to you by howtopaintinfo, will show you the proper technique for painting with roller and brush.

Always keep the surplus of the paint and always put the number and the name of the manufacturer on the jar in which you are keeping the paint. You will always need this paint for small repairs.

List of tools and materials:

1. Interior wall paint
2. Paint kit
3. Frogtape
4. Wallboard compound
5. Putty knife
6. Wall sanding sponge

If you think that painting with paint roller and brushes is to difficult for you then you can always buy the paint sprayer which always provides professional results.

In the video below, brought to you by Mark Jauregui, you can see how painting with a sprayer is different from roller and brush.

If you don’t know what type and where to buy the paint sprayer then rely on us and buy one of these and you won’t be sorry! The first model is HFS Electric 650W HVLP Paint Sprayer 800ml Capacity Spray Gun for simple projects like one or two rooms, and the second model is Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer Station for painting absolutely anything inside and outside!

We hope that this few tricks for painting have helped you to make a decision and DIY paint your home!

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  1. We have a little trick too. Spilled paint can be easily cleaned from carpet & removed with Genesis 950 – even if it’s dried up or been on the carpet for long periods of time :)

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