Paint Your House like a Pro with These Easy Tips

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How to paint your home like a pro

Everyone wants to do some changes around the house now and then. And we’re sure that sometimes this can be such a mess and a could give headaches. We’ve written this article to guide you in doing your projects quickly and getting a professional result that you can after taking pride in. If you need help with this, you can always count on these Master Painters in Jupiter FL.

Avoid lap marks by rolling the full height of the wall and keeping the edge wet

Lap marks are the stripes that are usually caused by the layers of the paint buildup. This happens when you roll over paint that started or is already almost dry. Keep in mind that in dry and warm conditions, latex paint will stiffen in less than a minute. To stay away from lap marks you need to keep a wet edge – every stroke of your roller will overlap the previous stroke before the paint can even start to dry.

To get a wet edge, you need to start a near corner and use the roller up and down on the full height of the wall, moving just a little bit by each stroke. If you need to even runs or thick spots, you can move backward. But pay attention, do not let the roller become dry – you need to reload it as often as you can, so it can be at least half loaded every time. The open side of the roller should be facing the area that was already painted – this way, less pressure will be put in the open side of the roller so that you won’t encounter ridges anytime soon.

To get a consistent color for all the room, mix several cans of paints in a bucket

Colors for paint will vary from one can to another, so if you’ve already painted half the wall and you need a new can for the other half, you’ll see the difference immediately. If you mix the paints together, this won’t happen to you. To be sure of it, see how many cans of paint you need, then combine them all in a big bucket (5 gallons should do). This whole process is called “boxing.”

How to paint your home like a pro - paint and roller

When you cannot be sure of the amount of paint that you need, it’s always better to have more than less – what you won’t use can be placed back in the cans. If you have more walls to paint, use a roller screen instead of a roller tray – it’s faster. Sink the roller into the paint bucket, then roll it on the screen until you don’t see dripping anymore.

After the paint dried, cut the tape loose to get a good edge

You cannot pull the tape off the trim just after the paint dried, as the paint makes a film between the wall and the tape. So if you remove the tape, you’ll remove the paint too. Before doing this, you need to cut it loose.

You should wait for the paint to do its magic and dry (about 24 hours), then use a sharp knife to slice the film. At the same time, pull up the tape (45-degree angle is an excellent idea).

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