18 Inspiring Gardening Trends to Dazzle the Charms of your Front yard, Backyard and Patio!

Let’s look at the trends that will make this year exciting for all who believe that embracing Nature in all its forms is the right path to wellbeing, health and happiness.

18 Inspiring gardening trends

That’s right, this year, Handyman Tips will divert from the well-manicured and perfect-looking gardens, which are created to serve purely aesthetics. The holistic symbiosis between man and Nature is what will reign in garden trends throughout the year!.

1.Nature-copycat gardens prove that imperfection can be beautiful!

Just take a walk in the countryside. What do you see? What do you feel? Surely, you are invigorated by the scenery and your immediate surroundings, full of unique forms, wildflowers, overgrown bushes, mossy stones, and bugs and butterflies that are going about their business. The smell of decaying fallen leaves, the small bird, perched on a dry tree branch, which is about to crush down to the ground at the first strong winter wind… This is the picture perfect that you can bring right to your doorstep and garden.

“Nature-copycat gardens are not only trendy but are also truly fulfilling. Invite the natural cycles of life in your outdoors by introducing self-seeding flowers, which will also help your garden by attracting some of the gardening-beneficial insects.such as: minute pirate bugs, soldier beetles, ground beetles, lacewings, tachinid flies and braconid wasps to name a few.” says Desiree Thomson, a professional gardening designer and landscaper from the Gardening Services London tradesmen.

Leave things be with minimum interference in order to encourage natural plant growth and promote thriving micro-ecosystems. Or in other words, go wabi-sabi, as the Japanese gardening masters advise.

2. Meet the rising trend of the Japanese ‘Wabi-sabi’

It stands for embracing the natural cycle of life. Plants germinate, prosper and eventually fade out. The concept encourages gardeners to balance care and the ways of Nature. Perennials grown out of control, raw humidity and moisture moss and old rusty items are becoming ever more popular throughout the gardening communities.Despite the solid advance of technology, people seem to grow their  affinity to nature and wildlife.

garden pond

3. Home-grown food will be only.. grown more!

The “trend” of growing your own plant-based food is going stronger than ever. With more and more information coming out on how toxic our lives have become through stress, lack of time, fast food consumption, environmental changes and a daily exposure to an array of dangerous chemicals, it only makes sense that we invest some of our time and efforts in our health.

By drawing away from a consumerist lifestyle, characterized by eating time-saving processed foods that will inevitably cost us in the long run, we turn this year confidently to edible gardening and greenhouses.

“Utilize the land outside your home to grow your own organic vegetables, fruit, healthy berries and even comestible flowers. It is simply an imperative that should not be confused with fashion. You can also dabble in simple hydroponics and have a go at growing fresh greens all year round.” advice the tradesmen at Venzano Gardens
Growing your own food through hydroponics is another trend to keep an eye for

Hydroponics are a new and cheap invention that is made to simplify gardening to a piece of cake. Also, even kids can easily set up their own hydroponics garden. Many have become conscious in terms of healthy food and prefer to grow their own.

All you need is to look into composting and prepare the soil!

4. Put more use of your front yard areas!

The front garden has been the pinnacle of the homeowner’s pride. The neat lawn with a rose bush in the middle, exposed to the world by lack of privacy, has fed our showiness for decades.

We have always restricted our outdoor home activities to the back garden, whether we host a barbeque or enjoy a quiet read with a glass of wine. Well, it’s time to break the norm this year and expand your exterior space by enjoying the green that faces the street.

Plant strategically natural barriers between you and the outside world. Go vertical by installing a trellis, seating, umbrellas, or a pergola and introduce your favorite climbing plants in your front garden. Outlets for outdoor inventory offer a wide range of units units to inspire you to get the best of your front area.

The best way is to balance seating, umbrellas and etc. with DIY project such as a making a simple table yourself or even a pallet or solid wood chair.

amazing front yard

5. You should welcome and nourish wildlife more.

Bird feeders are a popular garden feature in properties with outdoor space. But you can do so much more if you want to bring Nature right to your home. Experiment with different plants to boost pollination to entice bees.

“Adding pollinator’s favorite plants to your garden is a perfect way to attract and support nature. Try planting Foxglove, a self-seeding flower loved by bees and other pollinators. Its blooms are a beautiful addition to any garden, and will soon attract honey bees and butterflies.” “Designate a corner with a nettle patch to attract butterflies.”  says Emma Metson, the passionate enthusiast behind Fixtures & Flowers.

With urbanization and overbuilding, we have driven wildlife away. And this year is all about adopting an all-embracing approach to gardening by creating an environment friendly to beneficial animal species as well as native plants that you may encounter in the wild. So, this year, learn to appreciate Nature’s mysterious ways.
Who knows? You may find it enlightening!

6. Oldschool lawns are going out of fashion, sorry.

Yes, you heard right! Neatly trimmed, large geometrical grassed shapes are not only boring to look at and time-consuming to maintain, but they are also not natural in any way. Their lush and artificially-looking appearance depends heavily on non-environmentally friendly upkeep methods. We often rely on fertilizers, spray weed control products, resort to insecticides and overuse water resources to achieve that perfect lawn. Furthermore, your immaculately shaped and tidy grassplot is uninviting, to say the least, to any other Nature’s forms of life that may only enrich your outdoor experience.

7. Limited space is not the end of the world for a passionate gardener.

Small city gardens and narrow backyards in terraced houses can be reinvented easily this year by bringing bold colors in flower pots and containers, and by introducing height rather than “cluttering” width.

Think vertical. Utilize space smartly to achieve spaciousness and have that open and roomy feel. Play with perspective to create depth with layers of evergreens, mixed with bright highlights of seasonal annuals. The old-fashioned hanging baskets are also coming back as well as implementing lighting to how you structure your garden.

fountain in the backyard

8. Go “groundcover “.

The easiest way to shrink your unexciting lawn naturally is to “sprawl” some ground cover plants. The textured carpet of color or green foliage can fight erosion on terraced plots by fortifying embankments and steep landscapes. The feature also imitates effortlessly Nature by bringing pretty woodland undergrowth into your garden in the most subtle and organic way.

Consider replacing or defining grassed areas with straight-line paved structures or securing slopes with stone walls! Try to invite harmony and serenity in your outdoors by blurring the lines with an explosion of thicket-forming plants.

9. Herbal gardens are a gift from Nature.

You may be ambivalent towards the powers of naturopathy and herbalizm but plants with medicinal properties or of high nutritional value will become ever more trendy. Whether you use them in the kitchen to prepare an organic hearty meal, infuse in a calming antioxidant cup of tea, or they purely benefit your mental well-being with their strong scent and soothing visual effect, you cannot go wrong with planting some herbs in your garden this year. You will be able to spice up your cooking with organically grown parsley, basil and rosemary, defy age with a calendula tea and breathe in the smells of your favorite essential oil herbs, like lavender or sage, during your weekend spell of meditation.

10. Bring your indoors in the fresh air.

The alfresco lifestyle doesn’t need to be limited to dining and cooking only. Nor should you indulge in it just on a rare sunny and dry summer day. You can easily extend your interior and create different multi-purpose seating areas away from your house.

Spill your indoors outside with a bang by building a raised fire pit in a sheltered corner with a couple of trendy semi-circular benches. Designate a spot for an outdoor home cinema to enjoy movie nights with your kids. Or install a heated glass shed to home-office whenever you feel like it, surrounded by plants, while it’s raining heavily outside. Connect to the elements this year for a happier and stress-free life!

seating area in the backyard

11. No need to overwinter your garden.

All-season gardens have been often considered achievable only by the pros. The median gardening hobbyist in Britain would usually curtain themselves off from their bleak garden during the chilly and rainy season. Well, we can’t blame them if there is nothing worth looking at outside, once the summer annuals have long died and any perennials are hibernating in peace.

But why not bring some color to your winter garden this year?

With a wide selection of colorful evergreens on the market to choose from, you can enliven your outdoor space in the cold weather months, too, even if you enjoy it by gazing at the view through the window. And according to many gardening experts, most evergreen cultivars are not too fussy to grow and maintain.

12. Upcycling, going even stronger

Showcase your unique design taste by implementing rustic features in your outdoor space. Repurpose recycled items that you’ve purchased at your local market, whether for decoration or new functionality. Don’t be afraid to try upcycling your own old pieces of furniture, everyday items or other decorative artefacts that you no longer use by giving them a new lease life and a different role.

This is what sustainable living is all about after all. And every little effort to protect our environment counts!

13. Craftsmanship revisited – DIY outdoor improvements.

Artistry is always hot!  So, grab a belt sander and build a piece of furnishing or decoration on your own or simply choose a local carpenter for your new wooden garden frame instead of buying and assembling an anonymous-looking flat-pack unit.

Discover the mason in you and build your own sturdy stone barbecue rather than cooking for your family and friends on a nondescript store-bought garden device or arm yourself and shape the garden as you’ve never had before!

Another trendy approach people take to decorating their garden is by DIY hanging art installations, paintings or even simple shelving on trees, pergolas or gazebos. If that rings your bell, research the framing nailer guide and pick the gun that fits your ideas best and start decorating the garden.

patio with barbecue

14. Water features are a timeless addition to your exterior.

There’s nothing more beautiful and tranquil than the sound of water bubbling down a pretty garden fountain or a thoughtfully designed miniature rockery waterfall. No doubt, the water feature will act as a focal point in your recreational outdoor space. But it can also offer you a place, where you spend hours of contemplation and enjoyable relaxation. And let’s not forget the birds, butterflies and various other creatures that will quench their thirst on a dry summer’s day.

15. Multipurpose features and extra functionality are the future.

Garden features that serve more than one purpose are a must in small outdoor spaces. However, you don’t need to shy away from the idea if you own a large garden, too. Imagine how easy it is to build a large rectangular plant holder or a raised vegetable bed that also serves as a garden seating.

Vine arbors and pergolas will eventually offer you delicious fruit, a shade from the sun and a shelter against the elements. And why not create a piece of art and a prominent garden feature out of your rainwater container by painting it?

16. Nighttime gardens add a dash of luxurious touch to your home.

Garden lighting trends this year will continue towards eco-friendly designs and options. Whether you choose solar-powered outdoor lights or LED garden luminaries, make sure that you illume you nighttime outdoors by using a minimum of resources.

“We notice an uprising trends in customers asking if our outdoor lamps can be integrated with structures for vertical gardening, which is absolutely awesome. To blur the line between lightning fixtures and gardening is something that I believe will only become more popular” comments Roby Nevens from Lamp Twist. Have you thought of this?

You can go dreamy, bright, subdued or romantic by placing light accents under shrubs, around your water feature or in the trees. Light up your sitting area on special occasions with candles in different color tinted jars.

glowing pots in the backyard

17. The growing trend of extra outdoor security.

Technology is advancing by the minute and with it trends in outdoor gear and advanced features are on the rise. Many homeowners are looking into implementing smart locks, video surveillance and even advanced alarm systems. The most peculiar product seen lately are sensors that monitor movement and weight, and thus ensuring the ultimate safety of any garden and home. Passionate exterior fans are looking into ways of merging fencing trends with gear and the

So, these are some of the hot gardening trends you should look out for!

The key takeaway is that we are all part of Mother Nature. And the sooner we adopt a more nature-friendly lifestyle the happier we will be. Do you agree?


18. Houseplants as part of the interior design

We all know that plants have that purifying effect that helps relieve stress. Yet, people have this idea that you must have an outdoor garden to grow these plants. Fortunately, a lot of interior decorators are now adapting the idea of putting houseplants as one way to decorate a room. People seeing plants as a trend in interior designing is actually letting them get used to the idea of growing plants indoors, which actually has a dual purpose— to enhance the home’s aesthetics and to help clean the air in the house. Having bonsai in offices or a few potted plants are also becoming a trend. Also, a lot of houseplants articles were being published online, encouraging people to have their mini garden indoor.

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