Important Things to Consider Before You Pick a Paint Color

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Important things to consider before you pick a paint color

Picking the right paint, let alone color for your home is very difficult.  What most people don’t know is that your prep work, painting style, decorative elements and paint type are more important than the actual shade you chose. Therefore, we are naming a few things you need to know before you pick a color

Focus on Textiles

Textiles are considered more of a finishing element of your design. Therefore, you might treat them as a counterintuitive.  Make sure the paint coordinates along with rest of your room by using fabrics as your inspiration for the design.

Consider this; if you pick the paint beforehand, you won’t enjoy many options in fabrics. It’s because you are only allowed to use the ones that go with your wall. In case the base of your palette on an existing product, you are less likely to find a shade that coordinates with your paint.

If you get lucky, the store might offer you a unique shade. Bearing that in mind, you need to start by building a single piece that attracts you. Patterned item is great as they use multiple shades and are used as the basis of your color scheme.

Don’t Forget the Neighboring Space

When you search the market, you can get overwhelmed by the choices of paint.  This will encourage you to do more with the design. In the end, you will grant every room a unique style and color scheme. This isn’t banded unless you forget that your home should feel cohesive.

Paint is more of a unifying element. So before you make your mind on a color scheme, you better consider how it looks with the rest of your interior. Every color needs to work in harmony, especially if you have open spaces. Try to transition your space into something traditional.

Important things to consider before you pick a paint color - purple room

Mind the Lights

You might not know it, but the way your room is lit dominates how it will look. Every light temperature will pull a different color undertone; this can be the reason your home feels very different at night as compared to the day.

Keeping that in mind, you need to pick something you will be satisfied with during the day. The only way to understand if a color works for you is trying it out. It’s quick and requires little effort.

Once you have made your mind about the color, you better get a sample. Take it home and paint small sections of paint on the wall. Wait for them to dry off and check them throughout night and day. If you are happy with how it turns out under both natural and artificial light, then buy it.

Don’t Forget the Finish

According to Paysons Painting, people seem to care less about the fact that paint color is much more than just a shade. Finish is yet another aspect that changes the overall look. Therefore you need to consider the finish before making your mind. Following, we are describing some common finishes:

Flat: This is the least shiny of all. It gives off a modern yet sophisticated look. The only issue is it doesn’t clean well, so you rather not use it in kitchen and bathroom.

Egg Shell: A low luster, it carries own unique and decorative textures. Therefore it makes a popular choice for dining or living room.

High-Gloss: It gives off a shiny and polished look. This finish is easy to clean and highly stain resistant. It is ideal for bathroom and kitchens.

Satin: This is a popular option and is great for high traffic areas such as hallways.

Semi-Gloss: It gives off a subtle shine and is easy to clean. Therefore, it works well in kitchens and baths.

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