Four Wall Painting Ideas You Will Want to Add to Your Newly Renovated Home

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A blank wall in your home is an art canvas that you can use to express yourself. When renovating your home, you can do a variety of things to make it look good and new. Giving your walls fresh paint is a great way to transform your space and is the most comfortable and cheapest way to accent your rooms. Wall painting could be a DIY process, and this is an opportunity to use your imagination to liven up your space.

Four Wall Painting Ideas You Will Want to Add to Your Newly Renovated Home

Make your walls the focal point of every room using the ideas we have sourced for you below:

1. Ombre

Ombre is a modern trick of painting your walls that enables you to have two colors blending into each other. It comes in handy when you do not want to have just one color on your wall or can’t decide between your two favorite colors. Having a wall painted ombre is advantageous because you can use the two colors when matching your furniture, floor rugs, and paintings. For ombre, several colors can go together. For example, you can choose to do turquoise blue and bring out the ocean like feel, or you can use orange and red to bring out the sunset effect on your wall.

2. Geometrical patterns

Using more than one color, you can bring a magnificent look on your wall by painting specific patterns. From a custom paint manufacturer, choose the color palette that you will use for these patterns. Using a painters tape to make a straight line where need be, you can make your wall charming by creating unique patterns. Some of the designs you can make on your walls are random rectangles, gingham inspired squares, checkered wall painting, etc. All these are wall painting ideas that can transform an otherwise bland wall to an eye-catching focal point.

3. Honeycomb

A honeycomb pattern on your wall is a unique way of bringing a fun and funky vibe to your rooms. A honeycomb pattern is created by making random hexagonal shapes. Make it exciting by painting different colors in the hexagons. In a kids’ room, you can use bright colors like orange and white. For the common spaces like the living room, you can choose more subtle colors like navy blue and dark brown.

Four Wall Painting Ideas You Will Want to Add to Your Newly Renovated Home - mural

4. Mural Painting

Bring out your artistic side by painting a great work of art in the form of a mural. There are limitless ideas when it comes to murals, and the only limiting thing you will encounter is the space you are painting. Whether you choose a floral design or an abstract creation, a mural is a sure way of making your flat surface an exciting art gallery. The best paint to use while painting a mural is acrylic paint.

The ideas shared above can be used both by the people who like the minimalist look on their wal

ls and those who want bright and detailed too. These ideas will help you with a quick refresh of your walls or an overhaul of the whole house. Research on how to pick your color pallets and how to blend different colors. Painting your walls can bring your rooms a dazzling effect and make your home feel personalized.

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