Tips on Finding a Highly Recommended House Painter

In order for your home to be comfortable and safe, it is necessary to maintain it regularly. You will always have to do something on the house, whether it’s just cleaning the yard or repairing the roof. Refreshing the facade and interior walls is one of the jobs that experts recommend every couple of years. Find out why this task is important at this link.

Tips on Finding a Highly Recommended House Painter

Painting a house, even if it’s just one room, can take you quite a while. You also need some experience because you will have to learn at least the basic skills of a painter to get a smooth finish. If that sounds too complicated for you, and you do not have time to deal with that, it’s clear that the job should be left to a professional.

Get Some Names

Finding names of available house painters in your area should be your first step. The best way to be sure that the painting contractors you plan to hire are legitimate professionals is to ask for a referral from someone who has used their services before. People will generally be happy to recommend someone who provided them with outstanding service. But they will also be glad to explain why they will never rehire a painter who didn’t do the job properly, behaved unprofessionally, or ripped them off with high prices. It’s good to listen to these comments because they can tell you which contractor to avoid. Consider only those you have heard nice words about.

You can even stop by at local paint stores and ask them to suggest some good contractors. Ask them about the professional house painters they have worked with most often. Painting experts from these stores will be able to recommend even specialized contractors if your project is something that deviates from the usual painting tasks.

Go Online

The Internet made it easy for you to find a recommended residential painter in your area. All you have to do is to type some keywords and check the list of results. After getting some names, dig in to find reviews about them. The online community can be of great help with their comments and tips. Check websites that provide unbiased reviews and forum posts where painters from your area were mentioned. Social networks can be of great help in this case, as people there usually don’t hesitate to write what’s on their minds. Pay particular attention to negative comments and what people typically complain about.

Tips on Finding a Highly Recommended House Painter - go online

Check Licensing

If you have some idea of what qualities to look for in a painting contractor, your next steps will be narrowing down your options. The first thing is to check whether selected painters have the necessary working permits and certification. There are many unlicensed amateurs out there who probably do a good job, but you really shouldn’t risk with them. Painting contractors must hold state licenses to be able to work in your area. This document must be valid and up-to-date. You can quickly check this information at the area’s government site. Just type in the license number or the name of the contractor, and there you have it. Also, make sure to ask about certificates issued by the relevant authorities for the area in which you live. Licensed painters generally need to have evidence of formal education and certifications proving additional education and skill improvement.

Work Background

Make sure you ask house painters about the experience level. Some contractors will say they’ve been doing this type of work for years, but unless they are willing to back up this claim, it’s best to skip over them. You need solid proof of their experience, especially if you need them for complex projects like house renovation. So check the painters’ portfolios. By checking the projects they completed, you can see their skill level. You can compare these with your house and see if there is anything similar to your requirements. Also, you can see what kinds of materials were used, and even ask about details like price and duration of works.

Importance of References

If you’re simply trying to fix up a few walls, there’s really no need to ask for references or check out their track record. But if you plan a whole house renovation, ask the contractor to provide you with a few projects they have worked on. It’s a good idea to ask about their references. These can help you check out a house painter’s credibility and reliability. If the contractor refuses to provide you with these, that can be suspicious. Reputable painters don’t mind giving you contacts of at least one or two references.

When reaching some of the painter’s previous clients, ask about the quality of the work done. Ask specifically about deadlines, whether the price estimate was correct, and how they would generally rate the contractor. Don’t forget to ask about painting contractors’ behavior. This item matters, as you need to work with someone who is honest, transparent, and easy to communicate with. List of other questions painters to ask is below:

Tips on Finding a Highly Recommended House Painter - painter

Pricing Matters

After choosing a few painters to discuss with, ask them about pricing. Good contractors are willing to provide you with a realistic price quote over the phone, but they will also come to your place as soon as they can to give you a more realistic estimate. Having a contractor on the spot is a great chance to see how they do the estimate. If they take the time to notice the small details and not just rush, you deal with professionals. But if painters just take a quick walk through your home, they are not entirely dedicated to providing great customer service. It’s a clear sign to skip them.

Have a Few Estimates

After meeting face-to-face with selected painters, obtain written cost estimates from all of them. These quotes should be free and with no obligation, which means you don’t have to hire someone just because they came by and gave you a price estimate. The price of the works will vary depending on the needs of your project, the required materials, but also the time spent. A cost estimate will help you see if hiring a particular painter fits your budget. For some more complex projects, reputable painting contractors offer favorable paying terms. Be sure to inquire about it. Getting a written estimate is key – you want to have a clear picture of what is included in the price: material costs, labor, brand and type of paint, and a description of the work. Compare all estimates and decide which deal is best for you. Keep in mind that it’s not just about the price – look at how long the job will last, as well as the quality of the work provided.

Get Insurance Information

At the same time as asking for quotes, you should ask about guarantees and insurance. This way, you can check out a contractor’s honesty. Reputable contractors will offer a warranty on their work in a written form. They will come back to fix any blemish or damage they possibly made. As seen here, you run many risks by working with unlicensed and uninsured painters.

The painter’s insurance should cover a wide range of possible accidents that can happen while they work. This way, you and the contractor you hired will be protected. Do not agree to hire someone who does not have general liability insurance because, in that way, you risk financial and legal consequences. These tips on finding a house painter have been proven to be effective. Still, they don’t guarantee that you’ll find a good one. With a bit of patience and a lot of common sense, you should be able to reach a painting contractor who can take good care of your home.

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  1. shammy peterson

    I found it helpful when you said that you can find the best deal for you when you compare all estimates from painting contractors. One of my plans next spring is to hire an interior house painter for the renovation of my house. Since I want to only deal with a painting company that can meet my budget, I will follow your tips.

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