Tips to Using Decorative Concrete Around Your Home

Tips to using decorative concrete around your home

When it comes to sprucing up your home, there are so many types of building materials that you can use. However, some materials like asphalt and granite, can only be used in certain areas. But other materials such as concrete are more versatile. In fact, some have gone as far as to call concrete one of the most common but underappreciated building materials available. Concrete does not have to be drab or grey. It’s like a chameleon that is able to look and perform like a high-end material at a fraction of the price.

Whether you’re going for a contemporary or more rustic look, concrete can create the perfect aesthetic for your home. You can use it on almost any outdoor or indoor surface. Companies like Northeast Decorative Concrete, LLC  provide various decorative and stamped concrete products to beautify your home at an affordable cost. Need some ideas? Here are few great tips to using decorative concrete around your home.

Finish Your Floors with Concrete

Concrete is a beautiful and durable flooring option for both indoor and outdoor use. You can make anything from a sunroom to a bathroom or dining room look more modern and updated with a concrete floor. To do this, it’s important to ensure that the concrete has the right texture and color. That’s because you want your new flooring to complement the overall look of your home.

Textured concrete opens up even more possibilities. You can use concrete flooring that is stamped to look like stone, brick, or even tile. Alternatively, you could simply leave it flat. Whatever the case, this material’s versatility will count as a big plus as you try to fit it into your overall décor.

The best part is that well-insulated concrete does not get damp over time. And if installed in a room that gets lots of sunshine, it will retain the heat and be cozy for your feet. If you live in colder regions, pouring the concrete after heating elements are installed is a better long-term option.

Update Your Countertops

Adding a concrete countertop is a cheap, easy way to add a unique touch to your kitchen. You can make everything from the color to the edge design to order. That way, your new concrete countertop will be entirely customized to your personal style and design aesthetic.

Concrete countertops are a great addition to any kitchen. You can use them as a chopping board or place hot pots and pans on them without staining or discoloring the countertop. As long as a sealer is applied, your new countertop will be as user-friendly as possible.

Put It in the Shower

If you hate scrubbing mildew off the shower grout, then using concrete will offer you a permanent remedy. Your new concrete shower will not have any seams, and applying the right sealers will make it easy to maintain. Integrating non-slip material into the sealers will prevent any accidents from happening. You can also add more traction by using a broom-swept texture on the concrete. You can take it a step further by adding a concrete tub. This is a unique, creative way to add your own signature to the space.

Tips to using decorative concrete around your home - concrete shower

Spruce Up the Fireplace

If you have a fireplace, it is the focal point of any room. That’s true whether the fireplace is inside or outside. So it’s important to put a lot of thought into the design of your fireplace. Decorative concrete is an affordable alternative to natural wood or stone. Keep it seamless to create an impressive structure. Or, you could use stamped concrete to give it the appearance of brick without the extra maintenance. With the right concrete stain, you could even give it the look of real wood.

Add Some Outdoor Seating

Shopping for outdoor furniture can be an expensive endeavor. However, concrete offers a more affordable and practical option. You can use concrete to create built-in seating and table elements into your pool deck or patio. No need to stick to tacky, plain-old concrete surfaces! You can make your new outdoor seating more awesome by adding some design motifs into it.

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5 thoughts on “Tips to Using Decorative Concrete Around Your Home”

  1. Great article showing just how versatile concrete is. I never thought about using it for a shower, but after spending hours cleaning my shower just last weekend, that sounds like a great idea! Of course outdoor patios and seating walls are applications too. Thanks for the thought provoking read!

  2. Victoria Addington

    My sister and I have been thinking of adding something to our home. Well, a friend told us that our house needs to look more modern so he suggested decorative concrete. I had no idea that textured concrete floors are a great choice! I shall the consider that.

  3. I’ve been wanting to renovate our entire house starting from the ugly floor I grew up with during my entire childhood. It really annoys me to see this every day so I’m really thankful for the suggestions that your article included with regards to decorative concrete. I specifically like the part where you even advised those living in colder regions to have the concrete poured after heating elements for a better long term effect, aside from emphasizing that the concrete should have the right texture and color. I’m going to consult professionals what type of concrete can complement the rustic theme I have in my head before having it installed.

  4. I like how you mentioned that concrete is a beautiful and durable flooring option for both indoor and outdoor use. I have a plan of getting a new style of decorative concrete. However, I am still checking on the availability of concrete supplies so I could choose from it.

  5. Recently I have been thinking about reducing my home floors and wanted to look into stamp concrete. I really appreciated how this talked about it can make a bathroom or dining room look more modern and updated with a concrete floor. I will have to keep this in mind when I start looking for contractors.

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