How to Secure Your Home

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Are you planning to relocate to a new city? Considering that you are not fully familiar with that place, it is vital that you think of ways to improve the security of your new home to protect your family and property. Working with security guard will not be enough, especially if your home is large, hence the need to add other security measures to make the guard’s job easy, and to maximize the security of your home.
How to secure your home

Below we will enlist the best ways to increase the security of your new home.

Change the locks

This is important, especially if the home is staying vacant for a long time or has been occupied by many people. It is not easy to know the number of people who may be having access to the house. The builders or the people who did renovations may be having a copy of the key, the sellers and even the previous residents may be having the house keys too. Hence change all the locks, including at the gate for security purposes.

Mark your valuables

Some valuables in your house are worth a lot of money and in case you lose them, it may be difficult to replace them. So, before you even move into the new home, sort out your most valuable items and mark them. You can make a permanent mark that cannot come out such that the police will be able to trace them.

Install the security system

Installing security systems should be done before you move into the new house. There are different security systems with cameras, and others are compatible with smart devices like tablets and the smartphones, which make it easy for one to control and monitor the house from anywhere. Make sure the security systems cover the entire house and the compound of your home too. Your home requires the best security systems, and one of the most important things about security is monitoring. So if you don’t know how to get one, you can always look for the 10 best outdoor security cameras and other devices online, to help you make the right choice.

How to secure your home - LaView security system

Ensure there is a good fence

Most burglars use the fence to gain access to a home, but you can prevent this by ensuring that the home is fully surrounded by a fence. There are different methods of fencing you can choose from. Install electric fences if you can afford them or ensure the fence that you use around your compound is high such that no one can be able to jump over it.

Meet your neighbors

Getting familiar with your neighbors is the right thing to do. Also, these are the first people who will come to save you in case you have an insecurity issue and if they already know you it will be easy for them to extend their help to you.

How to secure your home - meeting your neighbours

Check the alerts devices

If the house is equipped with alert alarms or cameras, it is advisable that you check them to see if they need to be replaced or they require new batteries. The majority of these devices are powered by batteries so, check if they can still function with new batteries or you have to buy new ones.

Change your movement patterns

If you feel like you are being watched on how you move around, you can change the arrival and the times that you arrive in your house. Don’t be too predictable in your movements as this can make it easy for the burglars to track you. Park at different points and if you have several cars, consider exchanging them too. There are many ways that you can employ to improve the security of your home, but the above, are the easiest and the most convenient ones. When choosing the removal company to hire, select a professional company that has quality services and trustworthy movers. Also, check your things if they are intact before the movers leave your home. The changed locks should be of high quality and ensure to hire a trustworthy locksmith as well.

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