12 Fascinating Japanese Style Home Decor Ideas

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Most of the Japanese style home decor ideas have a standard for minimalism, expressiveness, refinement, and authenticity. The look of a typical Japanese home is imbued with a deep philosophy the origins of which lay in the unity of humans with nature. The minimalism, which has always been a distinctive feature of this country’s culture is based on the internal architecture of Shinto temples. Every detail seems to be exactly where it belongs, while color combinations and simple shapes are selected with perfect accuracy.

Japanese ceramic cat

The main reason why this style is essential, even outside the country, is that it creates a unique atmosphere of peace and relaxation. It uses minimum details but looks stylish. Finally, Japanese home decor ideas bring a piece of Zen philosophy to your home! Whether you are a true fan of an authentic eastern culture or just an adherent of sophisticated minimalism, Japanese house decor may be exactly what you’ve been longing for! How to bring a slight touch of eastern culture into your interior? Check out some of the most authentic and fascinating ideas to get started!

1: Variety of Plants

As a rule, eastern interiors are full of plants. Thus, if you want to add some eastern style to your space, consider adding some plants to your space! Give your preference to plans like bonsai and bamboo, as these are the most popular ones.

Bonsai tree

2: Beaded Bonsai Tree

As was mentioned above, the whole idea of this style is tied around finding harmony between a human’s soul and nature. However, if you are not keen on plants, you can choose to decorate your space with a nice beaded bonsai tree. Such an element of décor will attract attention and add an authentic eastern atmosphere to your interior.

beaded bonsai tree

3: Paintings

Although this interior mostly focuses on minimalism, it doesn’t mean that you can’t spice up your space with some interesting elements. Add authentic paintings with hieroglyphs, plants, landscapes, etc. Such pictures are often seen in traditional Japanese home designs.

Japanese painting

4: Origami

It is impossible to speak about Japan without mentioning one of its most famous crafts – origami. Adding some of such elements will allow you to show your individuality and add a bit of eastern culture to your interior. Below is an excellent example of Japanese bedroom decor.

hanging origami

5: Bamboo Wall

This is one of our favorite Japanese wall decor ideas! In fact, this style of interior uses bamboo in many different ways starting from wall panels to smaller elements such as candlesticks, photo frames, and so on. Apart from bamboo, houses are also decorated with different wooden elements.

bamboo wall

6: Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are irreplaceable elements of eastern culture. Thus, they are often used in interiors to add authenticity. You can purchase lanterns in a home décor store or make them yourself!

Japanese paper lanterns

7: Japanese Fan

This is another attribute of traditional eastern interiors. You can purchase this element of décor online or at a special store. Alternatively, you can make it yourself and use it to decorate the walls.

japanese fan

8: Soaking Tubs

Soaking tubs are often used in Japanese bathroom decor, as they create a special relaxing and meditative atmosphere in the bathroom.

Japanese soaking tub

9: Sliding Doors

Sliding doors and screens are important elements of design. The main goal of such elements is to save space, as Japanese homes are usually quite small.

Japanese sliding doors

10: Low Furniture

If you are dreaming of having a Japanese-styled home, furniture should be one of the essential things you pay attention to. You should give preference to minimalistic style and choose furniture that doesn’t take up too much space. Also, keep in mind that most of the furniture in such interior should be low to the ground. For example, tatami mats, as shown in the picture below, are irreplaceable elements of such interior.

Japanese low furniture

11: Natural Lighting

If you want your home to look truly authentic, we recommend focusing on adding as much natural lighting as possible. The best way to highlight the unique eastern style of your home is to add big, expansive windows and ceiling openings as shown in the picture below.

natural lighting

12: Tiny Details

What adds a final touch to every interior? Tiny details! Thus, to make your home interior look complete, don’t forget about adding some themed details like mats for seating, Japanese-style vases, and dishes, cotton curtains, indoor fountains, etc. When choosing details, pay special attention to natural color pallets, wooden, glass, or metal materials. In Kansona Home, you’ll find a lot of home interior essentials that are fitting to your Japanese-themed place.

Japanese porcelain

Final Words

Answering the question why eastern style is highly popular in the field of interior design, we have to highlight some of its key advantages:

  • Thanks to its tendency for minimalism and open space, it makes your house look lighter, so you always get lots of sunlight;
  • Cleaning becomes much simpler as everything is well organized;
  • Smart organization of space may have a positive and even meditative effect on your mind!

If you want to feel the atmosphere of relaxation and harmony in your home, Japanese style design will definitely come to your liking! Implementing some of the simple ideas given in this article will help you add a bit of Zen to your everyday life because the eastern culture is all about finding the harmony with yourself and the world that surrounds you!

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