What are the Standard Door Sizes for Interior & Exterior (USA)?

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No matter what is the type of construction, whether a fresh one from scratch or a remodel, measuring the size needed for doors is crucial to choosing the right front door and size. Functional-wise, the front door entrance has the key role to property, so as locks and exterior design, as our guy shows.

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Generally, an exterior and interior front door plays a crucial role in your home. It can serve as your primary gateway to your personal space. More importantly, a strong front door can help withstand natural elements such as ice, heat, and wind. Moreover,  at Handymantips.org we know that if you select the right type of gate or entrance door, you can instantly enhance the curb appeal of your home from the outside. As such, it’s crucial to choose the right size for your door. Otherwise, you might end up wasting a lot of money on the replacement and other services.

Selecting the Right Door Size is not a Simple Feat

While browsing through the residential door options for the exterior, you need to sync multiple factors to avoid a crooked door. You need to see the climate of the place, security measures, infestation of termites in the neighborhood, and the size. Then think about what door material world works best on your entrance? If you are going for a wooden door, think about the type of wood that would work best?

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It is extremely crucial that you select the right size and type of security door, at best. According to Citylocal101 to trust professional lock installation services means to avoid a security breach that you could avoid with security locks. Besides, you do not want outside temperatures to influence the interior climate of your home.

Talking about the interior doors, you need to see different sorts of specifications. What color and design would go with your residential interior? Most importantly, think about the correct size that would work with your home’s construction. It’s an essential factor to consider since choosing the wrong size may cause problems, especially when fitting the door frame. To help you out, we will discuss some standard door sizes used in the United States and how their dimensions work.


What Does International Residential Code Say?

Not all experts are aware of the codes regulated by IRC regarding dimensions and sizes of the residential doors. These are the rules that you need to abide by while designing and installing the residential doors. Any state in the United States puts certain rules in place in compliance with the residential construction code and safety measures. This is why in the USA, sizes of the doors are of a standard dimension. They have to comply with area codes.The bigger the door, the more expensive it may be to purchase and install. With a network of qualified lenders, Max Cash Title Loans could help direct you to the fast cash you need to make these changes.

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What Are The Standard Exterior USA Door Sizes?

  • How tall are doors in the US?
  • What width are doors in the US?
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The Standard Proportions (USA)

Let’s start with US door height. In the United States, you should set the height of the door to the standard of 80 inches and width at 36 inches. But, there is leverage with the width. You can keep it at 30, 32, or even 36 inches if you wish to highlight your home’s features. But nothing beyond this width. But, here is the rub. With the constant changes in construction regulations, your main door may not fit with the standard dimensions and sizes. This is especially true if your house or apartment is old.

With the thickness, it can range between one and a three-quarter inches to two inches. Moreover, the type of door material you choose affects the dimensions of a door and its size. For instance, the height of aluminum doors or fiberglass doors is set at a standard of 6 ft and 8 inches to 8 ft. Lack of proper locksmith services may also lead you to a lockout, which would be the last thing you want. You can visit any hardware store to get standard-sized doors available as ready-made. make sure when you visit a vendor, you take the appropriate measurements with you.

The Non-standard US Door Proportions

When you measure your door, and you find out, it is not of the standard size then do not be disappointed. You can take your exact measurements to a home center store, and they will find you a door for the non-standard size. But, you may have to pay a little more to get more, say experts from SpeedyLocksmith as custom fittings require custom work.

The Standard USA Interior Door Dimensions

When it comes to the interior doors or the passage doors, the height is set at 80 inches while the standard widths can be either 24, or 28, or 30, and even 36 inches. It is at the designer’s discretion and the home’s needs. The thickness of interior doors ideally is set at 1 3/8 inches, but you can make minor adjustments as per the requirement if the width of your door is 36 inches or more. If there are any passage doors from where assisted access will be used, then the width can be set at a minimum of 36 inches.

The closet doors are also interior doors that can ideally have a height of 30 inches, but this is in the old houses that have not been upgraded for years. The width of the closet doors is not much and does not exceed over 18 inches. Talking about IRC, they have set the standard borderline size of the interior doors or the passage doors that connect two rooms together at 80 inches and the width to be between 28 and 32 inches.

However, this rule is not applicable to bathroom doors.

What is interesting to note is that this code is not exactly in compliance with the usual bedroom door sizes. You can go with the standard door sizes during construction or get a custom design if you can bear the extra charges.

How to Measure Door Sizes?

Knowing the size of your door is important. Whether you are doing construction or hanging up a wreath. The size of your door is important to know. In a blog post on Heftyberry.store they talk about how to correctly measure your door to know what size wreath to buy.

If you’re choosing the typical replacement door (or doors) yourself, it is best to have precise figures to limit the possibility of buying the wrong size. What are the average door width and height? What are the common minimum and maximum openings? How high is a standard door? How to find the right size? It’s important to answer all these questions to ensure you would measure the appropriate door size for your home.

However, if you haven’t taken door measurements before, you may find it quite confusing and challenging. In that case, calling a Dallas handyman or wherever you may be located can be a good idea. Given their expert experience and skills in several handyman tasks, they can help measure door sizes without mistakes. Not only that, but they can also install doors properly without any trouble.

So, if you think taking door size measurements can be best handled by a professional, look for a handyman right away. You can ask for recommendations from family and friends or scour the internet for more information. Whatever method you use, make sure to consider your prospect’s experience, reputation, and other important characteristics. That way, you can find the right person who knows exactly which door size fits your interior and exterior door.

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How To Measure Exterior Door Dimensions?

However, if you’ve decided to deal with the door measurements yourself, you should learn how to measure door dimensions. Generally, or exterior doors, you may be required to provide measurements four different figures:

  • The door ‘slab’ size—the slab is the actual door itself, apart from any other fittings or frames.
  • The rough opening—this relates to the space between the wall studs to which the door unit will be attached.
  • The masonry opening—this is the measurement from brick to brick on the outside edge of the opening. If you need to expand the masonry opening, you’ll need to cut it with titan based cutter.
  • The unit size— you can calculate this figure by using the rough opening and masonry opening figures, and relates to the frame on which the door slab will be hung.
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How To Measure the Size of Interior Doors?

Measuring your interior doors should be a simpler task than the exterior ones (unless you are replacing the frame as well, in which case you will need to follow the steps for exterior doors) though it still needs to be as accurate as possible. Assuming that you are replacing only the ‘slab’ itself, then simply record the height, width, and thickness of your existing door. It is a good idea to also note down the dimensions of the frame to compare against your other figures, and to take at least three measurements across the width, from the top, middle and bottom.

Not all doors (or frames) are perfectly rectangular, so it might take some minor adjustments to get a perfect fit that will function properly. If you are replacing double doors, then you must be extra-cautious when measuring! The standard height for these remains at 80 inches, though there is no standard width, the most common ones being 60, 64, and 72 inches. French doors fall into the same category as ‘passage’ doors, with the standard dimensions of 80 inches by 36 inches—especially so for French doors that lead to patios. They will most likely be 1 3/4 inches in thickness.

The process of selecting your new doors need not be a chore—in all probability, your existing units will conform to the standard sizes and replacement will be straightforward. If, however, they are non-standard, all is not lost! Most outlets and suppliers are only too willing to help you find the perfect doors to enhance your home.

What Door Size Do You Need?

An upgrade from a single door to double doors can make your home look more sophisticated and elegant and a switch from round doorknobs and faucet to lever styles helps seniors a ton. A larger door, even just an increase from 32 to 36 inches, can make your home feel much more open while giving you more room to welcome guests or carry in groceries or new furniture.

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Consider planning an improvement from one door to a double-door entrance that will complement the aesthetics and curb appeal of your property. A wider door will also make your home much more accessible from 32 inches to 36 inches and give you more space to welcome guests or bring in heavy luggage, fridges, groceries, furnishing, baby strollers, etc. If your foyer is small, though, looking into double-doors might not be the best fit, especially if you have a staircase, dressers, or other inventory to make it cramped. Besides functionality and comfort, you have style and good looks. Unfortunately, not every entrance needs a door of a new size, but being aware of the risks with an unfit door is a must.

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