Commercial doors are a critical element for any business establishment because they keep your premises secure. Moreover, good-looking entryways make a great first impression on customers and visitors. Even as you may not think twice about commercial doors, they deserve a lot more attention than you normally give. Compared to residential doors, they take a lot of abuse because of the regular foot traffic that businesses get every day. Keeping an eye on their malfunctions and repair requirements does not remain a choice.

5 Actionable Tips To Extend The Life Of Commercial Doors

Fortunately, there isn’t much that you need to do for keeping commercial doors in great shape and extending their life. Here are the measures you can take.

Try to be gentle with them

Apart from the normal wear and tear, there is much more that these entryways have to deal with. Your employees may want to experiment with karate kicks or use excessive force to open them. But these habits only reduce the lifespan of the doors. Often, people tend to unlock by turning the key forcefully, which can result in broken keys and locks. The best way to prevent these issues is by being gentle with the door. Enforce it as a rule for everyone on the premises.

Avoid leaving them propped open

Propping your door open isn’t a great idea, even if you are going out only for a minute. The practice can cause unnecessary strain to the hardware and eventually damage it beyond repairs. A door made from a lightweight material may even bend because of constant propping. If you want to prevent expensive damage and replacement, steer clear of this habit.

Be proactive about maintenance and repair

Even the best hardware can have problems over time, particularly when you aren’t vigilant about the maintenance and repair requirements. Sometimes it happens because of abuse, while normal wear and tear could be another factor. Locks can break down, while door warpage is a problem for many businesses as well. Paying attention to the first signs and being proactive about repairs can save you from massive expenses in the long run. It is a worthwhile effort because the security of your premises depends on it.

5 Actionable Tips To Extend The Life Of Commercial Doors - glass commercial door

Pay attention to door closers

Door closers are the most important piece of hardware for the commercial entryways as they keep them from closing too slowly or slamming too hard. Either of these indicate that something may be wrong with the closer, and it needs to be addressed. Check for leakage of fluid and call a professional to make adjustments if needed.

Keep the door dry

Although you must choose a sturdy, weatherproof material for your commercial door, it wouldn’t be good enough if you are not careful enough. The material is meant to stay safe from rainfall and dew, but you cannot expect it to be strong when you soak it with a hose. Constant exposure to moisture causes rust, which can result in malfunctioning of the hardware. Keeping the door clean and dry can prevent such damage and malfunctions.

Being a little careful about commercial doors can go a long way in prolonging its lifespan. It is a wise move for a business owner who wants to keep the premises safe and steer clear of unnecessary repair and replacement expenses.