How To Change The Look Of Your Home Exterior With Titan Concrete Breaker

Open up concrete breaking in a conversation, and you might hear the Titan brand. This Renton, WA-based power tool company offers different pieces of equipment to help change the look of your home. Choose from different Titan concrete breakers, like the TTB280DRH, to remodel the exterior of your home.

How To Change The Look Of Your Home Exterior With Titan Concrete Breaker

If you’re looking for ideas on how to use your Titan concrete breaker to change the look of your dwelling, continue reading to know a few examples.

Create An Outdoor Fire Pit

Perhaps, your property has a large piece of concrete that serves as a divider or separator to the different areas of your home. Looking at it probably makes you think, “This ‘wall’ can be something better.” Break sections of that concrete wall with your Titan concrete breaker to create a fire pit. Add a few comfy chairs around it, and you now have a cozy place to relax during the cold months. Titan’s concrete breakers might be an ideal option if you’re going to go through this project using do-it-yourself (DIY) techniques. For instance, the TTB280DRH weighs about 15 kg, which isn’t too light or too heavy. But, you still need to pull a bit of muscle to carry it effectively.

Nonetheless, this particular concrete breaker packs a hefty punch, especially when creating holes in walls. However, you need to ensure your Titan concrete breaker is working at typical or maximum efficiency to avoid any mishaps that might happen during the job. With that in mind, ensure that the machine’s brushes aren’t about to give out. If so, consider replacing them by buying these components from a reliable retailer. Search for a trustworthy online shop by using keywords, like “Titan breaker brushes from”.

Change The Décor

You can use a Titan concrete breaker to change the décor of your home’s exteriors, albeit indirectly. Perhaps, you want to change your door openings as part of your quick home renovation project. You already have a door to replace the existing opening, but you might need to break the surrounding concrete wall to fit the new doorway. Here’s where your Titan machine can come in handy. Use this concrete-breaking machine to break the door opening before reapplying a fresh coat of concrete for the new doorway. Aside from breaking the doorway, you can also use a Titan concrete breaker to remove tiles and windows. Other medium-duty operations for Titan’s concrete-breaking devices include removing plaster and digging through earthwork in changing the landscape.

Create Custom Outdoor Furniture And Systems

When you think of outdoor furniture, what materials pop into your mind?  Perhaps, you’re already thinking about rattan or aluminum. But, you can also make use of concrete to help develop your dream outdoor furniture. Use a Titan concrete breaker to help break a slab of concrete before forming the material to the furniture you choose. From the rubble, you can develop different pieces of outdoor furniture, such as:

  • Chairs
  • Couches
  • Tables
  • Lamps

How To Change The Look Of Your Home Exterior With Titan Concrete Breaker - concrete bench

Aside from furniture, you can also destroy sections of your home’s exteriors to give way for systems. For example, use your Titan concrete-breaking tool to destroy a wall for you to build an outdoor plumbing system, complete with a sink or shower for your swimming pool. You may also reform the concrete debris to use in other DIY concrete projects around the house. In doing so, you won’t waste any material from the operation. But, you may need other machines and tools if you want to repurpose the debris.

Design Concrete Paving

Are you looking for an abstract yet eye-catchy design for your concrete pavement?  If so, you can use a Titan concrete breaker to create a haphazard retro style for your home’s paving. First, break the monotony of the concrete pavement by using the breaker. You should form cracks in different areas of the floor with the device. Then, level the ground using appropriate tools before sealing the cracks again. You should now have a pavement that looks like irregularly-sized rocks glued or cemented together.


You can use a Titan concrete breaker in different ways to help change the look of your home’s exterior. Some examples include creating custom outdoor furniture, developing a fire pit, and designing concrete pavement. But, it’s best to prepare for the unexpected by ensuring your Titan concrete-breaking machine is in excellent working order. Repair or replace any parts that may seem like they’re about to give out. Don’t forget to buy your parts from reliable suppliers to ensure you’re going to purchase high-quality components and reduce the risks of accidents during your DIY projects.

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