How to equip a bathroom?

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For comfort and coziness, very little is often enough — the correct layout, well-placed lighting, and the devices’ functionality. This almost universal formula applies to the bathroom, even if the size of this room is very, very modest.

How to equip a bathroom

Today, it is quite possible to create your unique design of a small bathroom space, especially if you set a goal and approach the work thoughtfully, taking all the subtleties and nuances literally.

Features of the layout of the bathrooms

For apartment buildings, the layout of bathrooms has always been one of the most challenging issues. Until recently, in the construction industry, bathrooms were considered as rooms with minor comfort requirements. It is often through the bathroom that the sewer and water supply risers pass. A combined bathroom is considered entirely normal, even for a new generation of economy-class housing. The attitude to this room as mandatory, but secondary, gradually began to change only recently. The use of new building materials and technologies allowed us to solve many planning problems.

For most bathrooms, a standard layout with a linear arrangement of sanitary appliances is used. This means that the bath or shower, washbasin, and washing machine must always be located strictly in one line to minimize the distance from the drain point of the sewer to the main riser. The layout of small rooms, both separate and combined bathrooms, provides for the placement of only one light source in the rooms and the absence of sockets for connecting electrical appliances. Exhaust ventilation is usually implemented in the form of ceiling exhaust vents or vents in the walls. In contrast, the ventilation channel itself can be combined with the toilet or kitchen vent channel.
Thus, small rooms or bathrooms can have the following features:

  • The small total area of the room;
  • The presence of standard installed hot and cold water pipes;
  • No hidden wiring for connecting electrical appliances;
  • A single light source in the room;
  • One air vent;
  • A conventional door block with outward-opening doors.

Serious work must carve out even a square centimeter of the area with such initial data. However, to make the room at least visually larger, you can use some tricks of professional designers, such as the selection of contrasting tiles.

How to equip a bathroom - light

Heat in the bathroom

When choosing a radiator, consider the type of installation, the size, and the natural heat of the room. The interior style is of secondary importance, although it is known that for a retro bathroom, it is better to choose a classic white radiator than a silver decorative radiator with futuristic shapes and vice versa. It is also worth buying a high-quality product that will serve you for many years. They are good because they are very high quality and also have a great variety in design to choose from.

In small-sized rooms with high humidity, the radiator must meet specific criteria. We will tell you how to buy a suitable radiator for the bathroom and what you need to remember when installing it. Stair radiator models are most often installed in bathrooms, but decorative panel radiators are also becoming more popular. Choose a model designed for wet rooms – made of corrosion-resistant steel, painted, or powder-coated (the panel must be galvanized).

The radiator can be water (from central heating), electric, or water with an electric heater (this is useful, for example, for drying towels outside the heating season). Everyone should have the right heating capacity-determine it, give the seller the size of the bathroom, report the window. Look at the warranty period. The longer it lasts, the more you can be sure of the quality and performance of the radiator.

Choosing a model with an ideal shape will not be difficult due to the variety of radiators offered on the market; a complex connection to the installation can cause many problems. Considering the presence of a heating device in the bathroom design, you guarantee yourself to comfort and hygiene.

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