The security of your home starts with the lock that is found on your front door. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to discover which lockset is right for your needs.

How To Choose A Door Lock For Your Front Door

We’re going to help you to break through the clutter and find the right lock to secure your valuables.

The Types Of Locks

There are two main types of locks that you’ll find at the hardware store. These include knobs and deadbolts. It would help if you thought of your deadbolt as the main lock for your home. The knob or lever lock should be a secondary measure of security. If you want to take your home security to another level you can install a door interlock system and prevent opening doors without your permission. Now, since you understand the variety of locks that you’ll be dealing with, it’s time to consider your purchase.

Function Over Style

Most homeowners who are purchasing a lock for their front door do so during new home construction or during a home renovation. In these instances, many are worried about the style of the lock over how it functions. This is the wrong approach to have. You first want to ensure that you purchase a lock that functions well. You can then consider purchasing a style in that particular type of lock that fits the style of your home’s exterior.

Endurance Matters

Once you understand the function of your lock, it’s time to consider its endurance. Since you’re getting a lock for your front door, you’ll likely be using it multiple times per day. You need to look at a lock Grade that will be able to withstand that constant wear and tear. Most lock producers will market their products as Grade 1, 2, or 3. These grades are given by the American National Standards Institute or ANSI. A lock of Grade 1 will be the most secure lock. It will have features like extra-long bolts, alloy materials, reinforced strike plates, and anti-pick pins. These locks can be very expensive. A lock of Grade 3 will be the least secure. Most home builders will rely on Grade 2 locks for residential purposes.

One-Cylinder Vs. Two-Cylinder Deadbolts

When you call a professional locksmith to change out the locks in your home, they’ll give you the option between a one-cylinder and a two-cylinder deadbolt. A one-cylinder deadbolt has a keyhole on one side and a thumbturn on the other. The keyhole is placed on the door’s exterior side while the thumbturn is placed on the interior. With a two-cylinder deadbolt, both sides have a keyhole. This works to provide an extra layer of security for the doors in your home, especially glass ones. This is because an intruder can’t simply smash the glass and reach around to use a thumbturn. They must have a key to unlock the deadbolt.

How To Choose A Door Lock For Your Front Door - smart lock

Consider Smart/Digital Locks

With the advancement in technology over the last few decades, it’s no wonder that there are now smart deadbolts that you can purchase for your home. These come in the form of either a smartphone device that unlocks that door when your smartphone is within a certain distance of your home. The other option is a deadbolt that has a digital lock system where you enter a secure code on the keypad to unlock the door. This type of system allows you to make temporary key codes for people like contractors and house cleaners, so they can easily gain access to your home without you having to meet them. Most electronic deadbolts come with key access holes so that you can still utilize a traditional key to get in the door if you forget the code or the battery goes dead.

Mind Your Style Last

Once you get the key basic features of your lock figured out, including how many cylinders you need and whether or not you’re getting a digital one, it’s time to consider its style. As with most home products, there is an abundance of styles out there to choose from. If you are looking for a conventional lock, see this handy guide to choosing Eurocylinders. Most choose to go with a color that complements their home’s design. Make sure you also take into account the ease of use. You want an entry set that is comfortable to use when entering and exiting your home.