Advantages and Disadvantages of Oak Doors

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It is only logical to think about your doors when you think of safety in your residential and/or commercial space. This is because this hardware is designed to protect you from intruders. Well, a good external or internal door should be able to offer you just more than protection. Some of the other things it should be able to do are to insulate your space and add to the aesthetic appeal of your space, amongst other things. To know more about the functions of a door, you can check here.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Oak Doors

Also, you should keep reading if you are thinking about getting the right kind of door to help you achieve these and more. This is because we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of one of the best kinds of this hardware.

Should You Get an Oak Door?

We strongly recommend that you get this kind of hardware if it is well within your means. This is because people who buy them from manufacturers or dealers known to offer quality products are often grateful that they did so. Some of the reasons for this are listed and explained below:

Sound Resistant

This door is becoming increasingly popular in places that need to keep the noise out. For instance, music studios, worship venues, and several other places fall under this category. The wood used to make this hardware has properties that make this possible. Essentially, the weight and density of the oak wood are primarily responsible for its ability to do this.

We strongly advise that people who value their privacy, need to keep the noise out, and the sound in should consider getting this option. For instance, you do not have to bother about someone eavesdropping as long as the door is shut. People who live in very noisy areas should be particular about installing this type of hardware.

Aesthetic Appeal

It is hard to come across an oak door that does not look good. This is because it has an aesthetic appeal even when it is treated. So, those that love it all-natural and simple can still have a door that looks great. For us, it is even better when it is treated. It does a lot to complement your interior or exterior space with the right treatment.

Helps You Deal with the Weather

This door is a great option come rain come shine. The reason is because of its impressive insulating properties. This door can help you through the hot summer and cold winter. The reason is because of the features of the wood and other synthetic additions by the manufacturer. It can do this by properly trapping the weather within your space.

Let us take winter for instance. You need to keep yourself warm during this cold period and use heating systems that help you achieve this. This kind of hardware helps trap the warmth that is generated within your space. As a result, you have yourself a cost-effective door that will help you save charges that would have been spent powering your HVAC system. The same also applies to the hot summer. So, you should seriously consider this option whether you are staying in the high mile city or the coldest region of the country.

Monetary Value

You will discover that it is worth every cent on the dollar when you get a quality oak door. A decision to get quality oak doors for the interior and exterior parts of the building will usually turn out to be a wise one. This is considering the several advantages associated with this door, some of which have been discussed up until this point. So, we recommend that you get this kind of hardware if you need something that will serve structural and functional purposes.

Life Span

Frankly, it will be misinformation to say every oak door out there guarantees durability. However, you can bank on durability if you get a good quality one. This is why we recommend that you purchase premium quality oak doors which are clearly more expensive than veneer and cheap laminate options.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Oak Doors - interior doors

Some Setbacks with Oak Doors

We have discussed some of the advantages of this hardware. Well, there are some disadvantages, and we will get right to it:

Maintenance Issues

Properly maintaining this kind of door is very important. This is so that you get the best of it. However, you have to go the extra mile in doing this compared to other options. This is particularly if you have an exterior oak door. Somewhere between 2 to 3 years, you have to refinish the wood surface. This will require the use of a belt sander to do away with the previous finish before applying a new one. While some people choose to do this all by themselves, we advise that you get a professional to handle this for you.

Environmentally Sensitive

You probably would have figured out that this hardware is environmentally sensitive. This is why it is a great option for insulation and acoustical reasons. Well, this also comes at a cost. The thing is that certain environments are not the best place for the installation of this door. For instance, having this hardware in a place that is very humid or wet comes at a huge cost. This is especially if it is an exterior door. The reason is that this hardware tends to shrink, swell, and even wrap under these environmental conditions.


Are you considering buying an interior or exterior oak door? If yes, we have discussed some of the advantages and disadvantages of this hardware and know it will help you make an informed decision. Best of luck with your decision!

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