3 Reasons Why Home Warranty is a Must

You may have been asked about it before you purchased your house, and it may also be asked if one of your major appliances happened to break down. Is getting a home warranty worth it?

Why you need home warranty

You will eventually see that it’s not a waste of money and that it’s an absolute necessity.

What is a Home Warranty?

Basically, a home warranty is a protection plan offered by companies like Priorityhomewarranty for major appliances of your home, including heating, washing machines, refrigerators, dryers and more. Usually, this is a contractual deal for one year.

How Do You Get a Home Warranty?

Getting a home warranty is a multifaceted process. The first thing you will want to do is find out if you require a home inspection. Sometimes, the company will require an inspection of appliances and home systems to determine if you meet qualification purposes. Then, you can compare quotes from several companies before you decide to pay a lump sum or monthly increments.

What is Included In a Home Warranty?

In terms of what is covered under a home warranty, the coverage usually depends on where you live. Usually, the standard is covering central heating, air conditioning systems, kitchen appliances, washing and drying machines , electrical systems and plumbing systems along with roof leaks. You will have to go through each individual company’s website to affirm what they truly cover. There happens to be many home warranty companies in Ohio that offer a variety of services and can be what you need for your home. A home warranty can come in handy in the case of unexpected costs with appliance breakdowns, and unlike homeowners insurance, major appliances will be protected as they age. The following are four specific reasons as to why you should heavily consider getting a home warranty.

Why you need home warranty - broken dishwasher

Helps New Homeowners Adapt

For novices who have bought their first home, handling and maintaining all major appliances can prove to be a strenuous task. This is especially the case if you are not familiar with how they function. You may not even realize when something may need repairs, in which case can cause potential further damage to your home. Fortunately, getting a home warranty can fill in some of these blanks for you. If you are a first time homeowner, getting a warranty to handle maintenance at home can prove to be a feasible option to relieve some of the stress off of your back. Buying a home before may give you more comfort in handling these sorts of repairs, but if this is your first time, it always pays to practice caution. Naturally, investing in a home for the first time can be very nerve-wracking, especially when you have to fill it with appliances. You can take comfort in knowing that if you were to purchase an expensive appliance and it fails, the warranty will pick up the tab to replace it.

Feasible Financially

In terms of finances, getting home warranty services can be a shrewd money move as well. If you have a home warranty, you will have less unanticipated costs. You have the benefit of understanding what your premium will be upfront and what your deductible is for any potential repairs that you may need for appliances. This peace of mind that is granted to many homeowners is highly beneficial because taking care of a home is already a large responsibility. The last thing that homeowners want to be hampered with is costs that goes against their budget. Handling the unexpected is much easier when you know that it is already covered.

Can Help With Connections

Getting a home warranty also has the benefit of establishing relationships with local mechanics and contractors that can help with repairs. Here, you can compare quotes, prices and even negotiate a price that fits your budget. Sometimes, if something is in disrepair or breaks altogether, the solution can be simply a phone call away. Never underestimate the power of connections, because you could eventually find a company that you’ll have a functional relationship with. Home warranties are essential in today’s day and age, and you can have a great inner peace financially if you get one for your home today.

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  1. This is a great reminder and often overlooked. I run a handyman business and whenever I work with clients with a warranty, the process is generally much easier. Less stress, more clarity on billing, and happier clients. Thanks for the post!

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