The most essential home appliances

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Today people lead a very hectic life. Whether you are a man or a woman, you spend your days juggling between office and home. So when you manage to get some free time, you simply don’t want to waste time doing some household chores. Nowadays, a number of appliances are available in the market which can simplify the tasks you do at home, whether it is about assisting you in cooking or cleaning process. Some home appliances are essential for every home and life today can’t be imagined without them.
The most essential home appliances

They simply make our lives better and easier. We compiled a simple list of most essential home appliances which every household should have.


Some of you may not be habituated to use a clothes dryer. But they can be extremely helpful if you are living in a land with a humid climate. The dryer will help you get your clothes dried at the earliest. If you have little kids at home, then you need a dryer to make sure you don’t have a pile of clothes to get dried. While buying one, make sure to choose an energy efficient model to avoid paying bigger bills. With the latest innovations, it is very easy to find models that consume less electricity. There are even combo models which incorporate washing machine and dryer but we advise you to buy separate machines because the lifespan of this combo machines is significantly lower than a regular dryer.

Washing machine

Every household has a washing machine and life can’t be imagined without one. A good washing machine is surprisingly harder to find now then 20 years ago. In the flood of new models and extra features it’s hard to find a good quality and reliable washing machine nowadays. You need to educate yourself in order to buy a good washer for a reasonable price. If you need help when choosing your washer you should check out our Washing machine guide.


Gone are the days when women used to spend more time in kitchen washing dishes rather than cooking. Now dishwasher is a major part of any modern kitchen. Again as said before, make sure to find energy efficient model for your kitchen. Some people will say that dishwasher use more energy than dishwashers but that simply isn’t true. If you find out more facts why the dishwasher is more effective than a sink then check our article Dishwasher vs Sink.


Don’t think that an oven can only be used by professionals, cooking at home is popular again. Ovens also come in huge array of brands and models with infinite features. One of first thing that you should check is enough space and tray adjustments. Bigger is always better when it comes to ovens. Also, most of ovens today come with integrated fan and you can bake up to three pans at the same time. That is especially convenient if you are making dinner for your guests. Standalone stoves aren’t really popular but if you decided to equip your kitchen with retro kitchen appliances then a good stove is also an option.


Microwave has changed the way how people cook food. Apart from just heating the food, now you can manage to cook entire meals using a microwave. In a busy life nowadays a reliable microwave is your best friend. We advise you to buy a regular microwave with no extra features like grilling and baking cakes because you’ll get a little bit of everything and not the best of everything. Buy a regular microwave which is the best in what it does.

Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is an essential home appliance for decades but gone are the days when you need to move around the room to clean it using a vacuum cleaner. Now in the era of modern technology, you can easily find vacuum cleaners which works using a smartphone. You can schedule the time for the cleaner and it will work on its own. Smart robotic vacuum cleaners aren’t expensive anymore and every household can afford one.

Crock Pot

If you are leading a busy life, especially if you are one of those working moms, the biggest boon you can have in your life is own a crock pot. This slow cooker allows you to cook meals without bothering you. So gather all the ingredients and put it all in the pot and forget about it. You will find meals ready by the time you want them. If you want meals ready by morning, get everything in the pot by night and be ready to have the food in the morning.


The last but arguably the most important home appliance in every home is the refrigerator. Today, refrigerator isn’t only used to store groceries, you can freeze the food in a special compartment, cool your beverages on a special rack, pour and drink water at desired temperature, get ice cubes whenever you need them etc. Refrigerators now are multifunction appliances and unlike other appliances we advise you to get the one with all the features because the features on refrigerators are really usable. Refrigerators come in various shapes and sizes but one of the most popular ones are the French door refrigerators which provide a lot of space incorporated in excellent design.

Appliances are made to make our life easier and yes, of course better. They become an inevitable part of our life in this busy life. So get some of these amazing appliances for your home and enjoy what we say the “LIFE”. Also, your appliances can last a lot longer if you learn How to extend the lifespan of home appliances.

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