An electrician is needed when there is an electrical fault at home. The faults are usually caused by poor wiring and bad weather. However, some homeowners imagine that they can solve such a problem on their own. This is actually a huge mistake. In case you didn’t know, every electrical fault that you experience in your home is a ticking time bomb. That’s why it’s advisable you call in a qualified electrician immediately. As a matter of fact, electricians are the only professionals that are licensed to play with such hazardous infrastructure.

Basic Tips to Hiring An Electrician

On the other hand, finding a qualified electrician can be a daunting task for an inexperienced homeowner. This is because there are so many people out there who regard themselves as electricians just because they carry a few screwdrivers and pliers. When you hire the wrong electrician, the problem will keep happening until it becomes unbearable. Here are tips that can guide you in hiring a reliable electrician and ensure that you don’t get short changed in the process.


Experience plays a very important role when looking for an electrician to hire. This is because the experience of an electrician is really what determines how he will be able to tackle the fault once and for all. An electrical technician that has not worked for many years will take too long in diagnosing the problem and remedying it. In fact a technician who has been in business for more than a decade will be able to solve a technical fault in a matter of minutes. If you want to know if an electrician has several years of service under his belt, you should consider visiting his website so that you can see testimonials posted by his previous clients. A reliable technician should also be able to refer you to some of his ongoing projects, especially where he has been contracted as a managed electrical service provider (MESP). It is important to hire fully insured electrical experts such as Electrician-Dublin to avoid any health and safety issues.

Price and Reputation

If you want to hire an electrician that will charge you a fair rate, it’s advisable you compare the rates of different professionals. The problem of settling for the first technician that you see is that you miss getting an affordable bargain that’s offered by other freelancers.  Some technicians will charge you depending on the complexity of the issue at hand while others charge a flat rate regardless of how big or minor the problem is. Besides that, you should also settle an expert that has a clean record. The last thing you want is someone who will leave the job incomplete and still demand to be paid. The easiest way of picking the right technician is by referring to an online review site. Once you visit such a site, you can see the most top rated technicians.

Basic tips to hiring an electrician - electrician

Insurance and License

By the rule of thumb, you should only hire a technician that has a license of registration. QEC Miles only deploys electricians that have a license that shows that that they have gone through formal training. The good thing about being served by a trained technician is that he can advise you on what to do to prevent the problem from recurring in future. A technician that doesn’t have a license only tries to solve the problem by guessing what could be causing it. You should also not compromise on the issue of insurance. A technician that’s not insured is a liability in waiting. If he gets injured while working in your home or business premises, you will have to cater for his medical expenses.

Availability and Guarantee of Services Rendered

Before you hire a technician, it’s important you first find out whether he is available for work. If he is engaged elsewhere, it’s obvious he will keep you waiting for ages. Keep in mind that electrical faults should not be allowed to persist for long.  You should therefore give priority to the electrician that’s available immediately. If you visit Angie’s list, you can find technicians that are available in your area. In addition to that, you should work with a professional that can guarantee their services so that you don’t have to pay extra cash if the problem resurfaces again in the near future.