8 Easy steps to plan a perfect garden party

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If done right, you can transform your garden into a much-desired magic corner while avoiding the fuss of buying tasteless and expensive decorations. You have the possibility to try different sorts of DIY projects that your whole family will enjoy. It’s a fun way to spend time with your dear-ones and create something nice from scratch. It should be the perfect occasion to set your imagination free and try whatever crosses your mind. Avoid buying costly decorations and be creative if you want to your backyard to reflect a natural beauty to be enjoyed by your friends and family.

7 Easy steps to plan a perfect garden party

Start by planning easy projects, consult with garden experts if you wish, visit botanic gardens to formulate an idea on how to start and what plants are resistant in your environment.

1.  Make room for your dining table

A most important aspect when it comes planning your garden party is how and where you set your dining table. There are cheaper and simpler ways to create a charming sitting area for memorable moments. Place your table in a shady area, if possible, under your favorite tree. You could use an old wooden ladder to serve marvellous support for climbing plants and to confer a homey aspect. Use your imagination and see how you can cover chair and table using all sorts of materials with different colorful patterns if you wish to bring a fairy-like ambience for your guests. You could use various types of curling ribbon, velvet or all sorts of funny patterns to decorate your table cloth, cushions and chairs. Gather textiles and combine them, start playing with colors, crafting your own decorations it’s entertaining and calming. Also, you’ll need balloons because there is no party without balloons. You can find all sorts of balloons online nowadays and really make your party pop.

2.    Keep it natural and wild

Plants, indeed, are the core of your garden, so start with that. If you want to maintain a wild aspect in your garden, look for what sorts of plants spark your spirit and most important how much space you assign to avoid an unnatural aspect. Every detail counts when it comes to plants and design, so be aware of the space you have and find a budget-friendly way to craft your homey atmosphere. It’s simpler if you already have an idea and a passion for gardening. You can use plants with different seasonal-interest, like berries, shrubs and diverse mix of trees. Here are a few plants on what you can add to your magic corner:

  • Ferns Always green and beautiful, ferns are mostly used to keep the garden green during winter. Easy to maintain, they don’t require too much sun. Ferns are ideal for shady spaces and often they convey a mountain-like environment.
  • Japanese forest grasses These grasses are perfect if you want to edge borders and create great patterns through your plants. To maintain them you’re going to need to place them in shady spaces with well-draining soil.
  • Coral bells These small plants create an excellent pallet of colors with their leaves ranging from orange, silver red, deep burgundy and stain glass patterning. Ideal for hanging containers and borders.
  • Hydrangeas Popular for its delightful aspect, this summer-flowering shrub doesn’t require your total attention. Hydrangeas bloom enchanting flowers through summer into fall are easy to grow and care for. These plants are perfect if you want to surround your out-door dinner table with.

3.    Add rustic ambiance with wooden DIY chairs

Very popular among DIY enthusiasts, made from old wooden furniture and pallets, these are the perfect ingredient for a successful garden party. Wooden chairs are a perfect solution when you have numerous guests and enough space to place more seats. Try launch garden chairs by simply using two pallets. Easy to craft, you’ll only need to stack them upon each other but not before cleaning them of any bent nails. Afterwards you can begin to polish and paint them as you wish.

4.    Craft a cozy bed swing

Right on your budget, easy and cozy, the classic porch bed swing can be placed everywhere in your garden. To craft it you’ll need a brace, two pallets and some hanging hardware. Cheap and fun, the swing is essential if you want to keep the children busy for a while.

7 Easy steps to plan a perfect garden party - tables

5.    Light your garden

To complete your long-planned evening, what else could you use if not a fire pit and warm outdoor lights? Lights can completely transform the ambience of your party and not so many people acknowledge the importance of it. Also, very common among garden parties, the fire pits are an excellent idea for evening gatherings because the fire will always satisfy man’s primordial attraction for comfort. This will give your friends more reasons to have a warm chat while staring at the hypnotic play of lights. There are millions of DIY suggestions on how to create the ideal fire pit for your garden.

6.    Use outdoor speakers

Surprise your friends and place an audio system in your garden. There’s no party without music so if you wish to puzzle your quests you could carefully hide some waterproof speakers among the plants or hang them in trees. You’ll undoubtedly obtain a delightful dinner ambience and get to listen to your favorite playlist while resting in your garden.

7. Take care of guests’ entertainment

A garden party is a great way to celebrate and make memories, but one of the most important elements is making sure everyone has an enjoyable time. Taking the age of the guests into consideration can help make sure all preferences are matched, but if you’re looking for something that will work for everyone from the littlest to the eldest, inflatable games can be a great option. From classic staples like bouncy houses, obstacle courses, and tossing games, to newly popular activities like inflatable boxing rings, that are big enough to fit even family members wearing giant boxing gloves, there is something everyone will enjoy. With these exciting options, no one needs to be bored during the garden party!

Adding some table games to your garden party is also a great way to provide an array of entertainment. Not only can people have a lively conversation under the beautiful summer sun, but they can also play card games or board games together for additional fun. One way to make it easy for your guests to choose a game is by providing them with variations such as classics like Uno or specialized versions of that. Puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, and word search games will also be popular choices. Giving your guests the option to participate in various table games at your garden party is certain to provide an enjoyable experience for all!

8.    Please your guests with home-made party flavors

Every outdoor party has plenty of food and lots of beverages, but nothing compares with home-made goodies. Gather and plan your recipes see what everyone would prefer to check your party plan and see how could that work. You won’t need to spend hours shopping or staying in the kitchen, if you already have a plan. There is an abundance of recipes worth trying for your party, whether you prefer to do grill, pies or refreshing summer cocktails.

Preparing your garden party, is a delightful experience, especially when your buddies appreciate and enjoy your crafting skills and planning. Everyone should craft something once in a while, it’s a freeing and calming sensation that every psychologist would recommend because crafting is a much needed and forgotten skill.

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