5 Awesome Kitchen Design Trends for Summer

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Kitchen is the most important part of the house. Everybody uses it as it is not only the place to cook but also a great spot to hang out with your family and friends. That’s why your kitchen should stay eye-catching and functional at the same time. Making changes in the house can be really overwhelming with the number of choices and styles you can base on. This is why it’s good to use a simple guide to this awesome kitchen design trends.

modern kitchen design

If you look for inspiration and want to stay updated about the latest kitchen design trends, we are here for you. Below you can find five stylish drifts for summer and a great kitchen renovation.

Mix materials

The first trend is the total freedom of textures, colours and materials, as long as you keep it in good taste of course. Matching different styles, like copper farmhouse sinks and decorations mixed with wooden island bench and chairs will make an absolutely outstanding match. There are many ways to mix and match kitchen materials. Play with textured metals, woods and elements but remember to keep the balance. Too much is never good for your eyes. If you want to have an eclectic-looking kitchen, keep one tone of the wall colours and don’t overdo with the quantity of the decorations. Mix if good when you have the control over it.

Stay smart

Being smart is always trendy and having smart devices is a time-saver and a very practical way of preparing meals. The popularity of tech kitchen devices is growing day by day thanks to the popularity of the modern lifestyle. Today’s people appreciate their precious time and don’t want to waste it on long-lasting cooking or dish washing. That’s why the smart kitchen is a new trend for 2020 and more. From smart induction hobs with great work speed and range hoods with sensors to Bluetooth connection of the fridge and full control over the lights from your phone. The technology in the kitchen is the key to the practical and functional kitchen, plus it also creates an eye-catchy modern look.

Two-toned kitchen

Here is one of the most designed summer trend for your kitchen. Two-toned popularity lets you add an interesting twist to your aesthetic and has a deep impact on the overall look. Keeping your kitchen in two-coloured character can bring up a fresh glance and a totally new vibe to your space. What’s good about, is that you don’t need to invest a lot of money on changes. Yes, you can exchange counter tops materials and buy new kitchen furniture but you can also pain some of them or simply paint the walls or put the eye-catching wallpaper with two balance colours. You can also just focus on the little details, like matching colours of the kitchen towels, plants and storage equipment. The choice is endless.

Broken plan living

Another great trend is the growing popularity of big, broaden, spacious houses. Broken plan living is the idea of combining the things that you love and enjoy doing in one spot. You can watch the game while cooking or simply keep control over your kids playing in the living room. You no longer feel excluded when the guests are already in your place and you still have some kitchen work to do. Broken plan living allows us to interact better and brings up a totally fresh, modern vibe into your house. This is also a clever design because big spaces mean better storage and much more light running into your kitchen. Moreover, cooking in the open area is more fun and comfortable, not to mention the great smell throughout the house.

modern kitchen design with hanging plants

Be green

The power of colour green can have a great impact on your kitchen. Depending on the colour shade, you can put exotic plant wallpaper or buy deep green luxury kitchen furniture. It brings up a natural vibe and creates a calm atmosphere. Green colour always made a perfect match to the interior design, that’s why people love to have plants everywhere. If you don’t feel like green kitchen equipment and walls, you can start from smaller things. Botanicals are absolute climate changer in your kitchen. Think of fresh flowers, different shapes succulents or fresh, smelly herbs. The combination of green does make people wanna cook. It’s an eternal trend, especially during the summer when you can get the most beautiful flowering plants.

The bottom line

These awesome summer kitchen design trends will undoubtedly refresh your kitchen by giving it great character and increasing functionality. Remember, that kitchen is one of the most representative places in the whole house. Make it look good so you can collect lots of complements and enjoy spending time in there. I hope you will find this little guide useful. Good luck with kitchen renovation!

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