Signs That You Need To Purchase a Water Softener

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There could be many reasons why someone would want to consider buying a water softener instead of renting one. While many people think of buying such a product as an investment, some still believe that renting can save money. Water softener rent or buy confusion is real.

Signs That You Need To Purchase a Water Softener

Though renting a water softener can save you some money in the beginning and rental plans may seem appealing, here are the signs that you should look for and if you notice them, it’s time to purchase a water softener.

Your water softener is no longer reliable

You know it well – you are regularly paying water softener rent only to realize that it no longer works. If you have asked the technicians and have done everything you can to keep the water softener working but still can’t rely on its performance, then this may be the time to buy a water softener. It may seem easy to stick to renting, but it may be hurting your appliances, bathroom fixtures, and even your skin. It’s much better to pay a fixed price once and get peace of mind.

Repair and maintenance is getting expensive

Does your water softener spend more time in maintenance mode than it does in treating water? When your water softener gets older and the more water softening it does, the more likely it is that huge bills are waiting for you. After a certain point, you will have to think about whether to continue paying rent is worth it. The loss incurred due to expensive maintenance and repairs collectively cost more than the water softener’s worth. Unless there’s a strong reason why you want to keep spending money on your existing water softener, it makes more economical sense to invest the money into something you can own.

It’s not efficient

It is no secret that many water softeners require refilling of media regularly and with time, these products lose efficiency. The companies offering water softeners on rent, however often include service and maintenance costs in the rent, but not everything is covered. Sometimes, consumers end up paying extra charges just to keep their rented water softener efficient. If this is what you’re facing now and then, it may be time to consider buying so you can do better for your wallet. Keep in mind that a large number of water softeners available in the market are being promoted with baseless claims about their efficiency. Studies like this one by PLOS reveal much about such claims but consumers should be aware.

Signs That You Need To Purchase a Water Softener - whole house water softener

Rent is too high

Sometimes money is the only reason why people want to change something. For people renting water softeners, this is probably the most common case that pushes them to consider purchasing a water softener. Rents look easy on the pocket when compared with the amount of money you pay at once. But when you look at the return, you get nothing out of it. Not even a few dollars.

Your water softener doesn’t pass safety tests

What’s more important than safety? An unsafe water softener means you are at risk and it puts your family and your property at risk as well as anything else. Over the years, many studies have revealed which methods of water softening are effective and why testing the number of chemicals that are used to treat water is important. A study by the Technical University Denmark shows why the use of chemicals needs to be regulated. If the water softener you’re using is good for your budget but relies heavily on chemicals or processes that are potentially harmful, then it’s incredibly important to get yourself a water softener of your own that can keep you and your assets safe.

Need a water softener? There’s no better time to buy than now!

Water softener rent or buy uncertainty is common. There are tons of legitimate reasons to spend money on your car. If you’re planning a move to a new place, thinking about making a long term investment, or want to add more value to your property, then you should consider changing your water softener. Look for products that are reliable and offer value for money. Don’t forget that buying a water softener needs a financial commitment and in the long run, making a purchase over renting will save you a lot of money in terms of installation, repairs, maintenance, and safety while giving you peace of mind.

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    I never knew that a water softener requires refilling of media to keep it working efficiently. We actually have a water softener at home. However, I have noticed that my skin rashes are getting triggered again. Since it has never been serviced for maintenance purposes, I will hire a professional that can have it inspected.

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