DIY Wooden Flower Pot

Every homeowner has some flowers in pots in front of the house, on the patio, balcony or in the backyard and every homeowner wants that their pots match the beauty of their flowers or trees. There are thousand types of flowers pots and they are made from various materials. Flower pots, especially big ones, can cost a lot of money and the quality of craftsmanship and materials are questionable. We always prefer natural materials and therefore we are presenting you this tutorial on how to make DIY wooden flower pot.
DIY Wooden Flower Pot

For this project you will need 8 lumber boards (1 x 1½ inch) 18 inches long (hardwood if possible), 38 lumber boards (1 x 1½ inch) 13½ inches long (hardwood if possible), 3 lumber boards (1 x 3½ inch) 13½ inch long (hardwood if possible), wood screws (2 inch), wood glue, cordless drill, hammer, nails (2½ inch) and a hand saw or a jigsaw.

First cut all the lumber in proper dimensions using a hand saw or a power saw  (if you haven’t already bought wood of wanted size). Take note that the aformentioned dimensions can be changed in scale if you want a bigger or smaller pot.

Take a closer look at the diagram below before you start with your project. It is always better to fully understand the plan and the concept before you start with the project. In that way you will certainly avoids mistakes during assembly.

DIY Wooden Flower Pot - diagram

You must start your assembly with the four corners of your future flower pot. Take two 18 inches long boards and connect them together in “L” shape like in the picture below. First drill four holes with a small bit on each board, put a stripe of wood glue and then connect two boards with wood screws. Always first drill small holes because otherwise the board may crack when you try to screw without holes. Repeat the process for another three corners.

DIY Wooden Flower Pot - corners

Now take two corner parts which you made in previous step and connect them with 13½ inches boards like in the picture below. Put a stripe of wood glue and nail the boards down. Always leave ½ of inch space on the bottom side. Repeat this procedure in order to get another side panel.

DIY Wooden Flower Pot - side

When your two side panels are finished you will connect them on both sides with 13½ inch boards like in the picture below. Also put a stripe of wood glue and nail the boards down.

DIY Wooden Flower Pot - side panels

Now you have complete pot without the bottom. Use two 13½ inches boards and nail them sideways on the bottom part of your pot. Then use three wider boards and nail them from the inside of the pot on the boards which you previously nailed sideways like in the picture below.

DIY Wooden Flower Pot - bottom

Your new flower pot is now finished. As you can see this is the project that anyone with no woodworking experience can finish in a couple of hours.

DIY Wooden Flower Pot - finished

We advise you to put at least two coats of primer sealer in the inside of the pot if you are putting the soil directly into the pot. If you want your pot to look beautiful for a long time we advise you to paint it with exterior paint on the outside also.

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  1. Nice work. I wasn’t gonna say anything, but Lisa is an ingrate with horrible manners. Thank you.

  2. You should really have a cut list for these dimensions and better pictures. I am going to make this but need to design it out on paper as your pictures are really unusable

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