5 Simple Steps to Drill Long Straight Holes in Wood  

Drilling a long straight hole in the wood is not very easy work. But it is not very difficult to work. If anyone knows some easy tricks then they can easily make this on wood. When I start woodwork with tools I start doing my own work by myself. Then one day I realize that I can not make a straight hole in wood because my hands are jerking continuously. Then I am going to my childhood friend Harry to explain to me how to handle this issue. He also gives me some tricks that really work. After trying all this now I am an expert on this.

5 Simple Steps to Drill Long Straight Holes in Wood  

Do you know how to drill long straight holes in wood surfaces? I will try some steps to do this work. I will discuss those steps that I follow for my woodwork. Hope this will help you to drill long straight holes in wood. Some basic skills really help us a lot to make our project easier.

5 Simple Steps to Drill Long Straight Holes in Wood

This section is the main key point of this article. Here some steps are discussed that will help new woodworkers to drill straight holes. If you know these steps you can also do this with any kind of material, not only wood. 5 steps are explained below.

Suitable Drill and Bit For Work

Drill machines are key elements to drill wood. When you need to make long straight holes through drill first pick the right drill for your projects. Different drills are available in the market but always choose the best quality and brand drill. If you are comfortable with cordless drill machines then you can pick them. Or sometimes people are comfortable with corded drills. I am especially like a corded drill machine because I always forget to charge my drill machine. It’s better to choose a suitable drill machine for your wood project. If you are not comfortable with your drill machine you can not work properly. Check the grief part of the drill. Never pick too much slippery grief because when you work with slippery grief it will create problems in the drilling process.  When you need to drill straight holes in wood choose heavy work bits for work. Suppose you need an 8-inch hole on wood then it is better to choose two different size bits. One will be 6 inches and another should be 12 inches. The right bit can reduce your work pressure.

Jig Setting

In the third stage, it’s time to set the jig. Many people tend to do this work but trust me it’s very easy to start with a plywood piece. Even you can pick unused plywood at your house. You can measure it according to your needs. To make an 8-inch hole choose a 20 to 30-inch plywood piece and set them on a wooden or steel table. Make sure the table is bigger than the plywood. When your table is ready to set your drill with the plywood pieces according to the right length. For this work, you can use a block that helps to stick drill the right way with the plywood.


It is very important to fix the dowel security. You can use a channel for it. It is possible to make a channel at home use a table saw to do this and make a V shape channel for your dowel. It makes your work more smoothly.  It is very important to fix the dowel center area at the same height if the drill bit. To fix the board positions you can use small shims.

Drilling Time

Al is done it time to drill your wooden piece.  You already decide your bits so now it is easy to start drilling. To make an 8-inch hole we choose 2 bits one is 6 inch and the other bits 12 inches make work easier. One bit is 6 inch and the other is 12 inches. Mark the place where you are going to drill then you can set an old useless cd disk. First start drill with 6 inch bit through this make a 4-inch hole then change a bit and fix 12 inch bit. Now again start drilling. Stop when you see too much sawdust is coming, clean it and start again. You can mark your bit so that it easily identifies the deep of the hole. No one can be a pro at work one day. Faith in yourself and practice regularly one day you will be an expert on the wood industry world. All the best.

5 Simple Steps to Drill Long Straight Holes in Wood - jig

For Straight Drill Hole

Don’t worry if you know some tricks you will get it easily. Even you can use an old cd disk. Trust me I use this. It really works well. Just set an old cd disk on the place where you want to drill them right the place. Set your cd perfectly I use tape to set it the right way then start drilling with your drill machine. Through an unused cd disk, you will get a straight hole in wood easily. If you want you can use different tools to make a straight hole for your wooden project. You can use v angels or guide tools that really work to drill a long straight hole.

Drill Not Working? It Might be the Carbon Brushes

When drilling into wood, it can put a lot of strain on the drill motor, which can cause things to break. If you’re noticing your drill isn’t working as well as it usually does, or you’re seeing sparks coming from the vents, then your carbon brushes may be on the way out. Carbon brushes are a disposable part of a drill motor that connects the rotating and static parts together. However they do wear over time, so need to be replaced. You can visit a specialist like TDO Carbon to buy replacement carbon brushes for drills and other power tools.

Drilling Choosing For Wood

When it is a matter to drill wood, drill plays vital rules. Two types of wood are available for any work, they are hardwood and softwood. A cordless drill can work with any kind of wood. It is very easy to carry and manage. It is often seen that the shape of the wood is such that it is not easy to manage and column grills can be used. Don’t forget  You can also use a hammer for drilling wood. Because in the beginning, when people did not learn to invent hand drill machines, they used to drill cars using hammers.


We all are not experts in all work. It is necessary to know the basic elements of work. When you work in the wood industry your basic wooden work knowledge helps you amazingly. I hope if you follow all the steps you will be an expert on this work. Try to follow these 5 simple steps to drill long straight holes in wood.

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