3 Tips for Perfect Lawn

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Who doesn’t love sitting on luscious green lawn soft to the touch. A perfect lawn is any homeowners pride and joy, as it provides a beautiful presentation of their property. Not to mention it’s downright enjoyable to walk in and sit in, and much easier to post yard signs in if you’re selling your property or throwing an event.  

However, those perfect lawns you see didn’t get there by accident. Achieving the perfect yard requires consistent effort, time, and ultimately law know-how. If you’re looking to take your lawn up a notch then here are some of the best tips for the perfect lawn.

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Mow at The Right Height

Mowing your lawn isn’t as simple as simply turning on the lawn mower and mowing. You’ll need to adjust your blades to the recommended height for the type of grass that you choose. Ideally, you should avoid cutting more than 1/3 of the grass at a time.

This is because taller grass bleeds will shade the soil, and hinder weeds from growing, ultimately encouraging deeper root growth.  On the other hand, if you mow your lawn too short, it will weaken your grass and promote excess weed growth.  Not to mention, shorter grass also increases water loss.  Who knew there was so much that went into your lawns length?

Water Adequately

In addition to the right mowing height, you also want to ensure you water adequately. That’s to say, you don’t want to water too much, or too little. Proper watering is critical for a healthy lawn, particularly during hot and dry periods of the year. Ideally, you should water deeply and infrequently. This will encourage deep root growth and a tolerance to droughts. 

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Shallow and frequent watering, on the other hand, will lead to shallow root systems and increase susceptibility to frequent water dependence. Ideally, you should use a sprinkler system that you can set and forget.  However, a complex sprinkler system isn’t always in everyone’s budget, so otherwise, you can simply use an old-fashioned hose. You should water early in the morning or afternoon to minimize the amount of evaporation. Adjust your watering based on weather conditions and the condition of your grass.

Maintain Your Lawn

Watering and mowing your grass are not the only things that requires. Achieving the perfect lawn all year long requires additional maintenance tasks like fertilizing, are eating, and of course weeding. You also may find that your lawn attracts pests, which should be dealt with accordingly. You may also find that you have bare patches, which could be a result of animals, or a burn from extreme weather. 

If you do find yourself with bare patches, overseed these areas to promote dense soil. While the new grass is growing, make sure that no one steps in that area. Walking on freshly planted grass will hinder its growth, and ultimately remain a bare patch.

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