7 tips to buy a termite free home

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A home is a major investment. Every buyer and owner wants to make sure it stays in good condition. This means making sure that the house does not contain any unwanted pests. There are many ways to ensure that the home does not have termites. Modern methods can be used to keep termites how.

7 tips to buy a termite free home

Multiple methods may be necessary to keep avoid having such bugs in the home and chomping away at vital parts of it. A few simple tips can really pay off. Details like a Brisbane termite barrier and the use of regular termite checks will help.

Rethink Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture might be beautiful. However, it can also be food for termites. This is why it’s a good idea to carefully consider all wood furniture. If you’re buying used, it’s best to have a very close look at the items before you bring them home. There should be no evidence of damage to the body of the item. Take a very close look at all the parts. Take the item apart if need be to get an even more close up look at it. If you have any doubts, it’s probably best to leave it there.

Reduce Moisture

Termites love water. As a homeowner, your goal is to make sure there’s as little moisture in your home as possible. It’s a good idea to wipe up spills as soon as they happen. The same is true outdoors. Keep those pools of standing water away from the house. Portable pools for the summer that are put up on a temporary basis should be set several meters from the main house. Kids should be mindful when they are playing with water outside. This will help protect the interior of your home from the possibility of becoming termite food.


Having the house inspected can help. A professional can often spot problems that others might miss. The professional can also help with other kinds of suggestions. For example, if there is already termite damage, they can suggest ways to remedy it. They are there to provide a wealth of knowledge that anyone can tap into and use to protect their homes.

7 tips to buy a termite free home - inspection

Storing it All

Storage is crucial when it comes to keeping termites away. It’s imperative to ensure that all the things you have in your home are kept in storage properly. Cover all food items. Place things on the shelves and make sure the tops of the items are secured so nothing can get in. This is a policy that all homeowners should follow when it comes to things they store outside. Items like summer furnishings should have coverings that protect them from the elements. This will also protect those items from the termites as well.

Fix Those Cracks

Cracks anywhere allow termites to enter your home. This is not what you want. This is why you want to inspect your home on a periodic basis. All cracks need to be fixed as soon as you see them. Take out those rotten boards and replace them with better boards. Calk all cracks. You’ll avoid providing a means for termites to enter your home right now.

Clear Out All Greenery

Greenery can provide an unwanted haven for termite nests. It’s best to keep such greenery away from the entrance to your home as much as possible. All overgrown house plants pose a danger. Make sure you prune them before they grow any further. A group of hanging plants may have standing pools of water that can attract them and keep them there. It’s a good idea to think about all landscaping near your home and make sure it does not not encourage those little pests to show up.

Seal Those Entry Points

Entry points to any home can be a source of weakness. Have a close look around all doors to the outside. These are spaces that people can use to create a long lasting and effective termite barrier. All it takes is a small hole for termites to march right in your home. The entryways can be easily closed off with a careful examination and periodic vigilance. This will help keep your home free of any possible termite infestation.

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