When Alert Lock and Key decided to set up their locksmith services in San Antonio, many residents were not expecting anything special or unusual, but right now the perception has more than changed. Many folks can sleep with both eyes closed, take well-deserved vacations or business trips to intercontinental destinations, and need not worry about the safety of their homes, vaults, vehicles or offices. They recognize that the value of any possession is reflected in the quality of protection accorded to it. Little wonder that Alert Lock and Key has become the easy choice for locksmith services in the region.

San Antonio does not have an official Locksmith, but Alert Lock and Key make it seem like it, let’s see how.


Alert and Key locksmith services take care of every locksmithing need. There are a plethora of locks and lock designs available in the market. The first mistake that anyone who isn’t an expert could make, is believing that just any type of lock will do for any situation. Buying the right kind of lock is the beginning of wisdom in securing any property.


Alert Lock and Key want the people of San Antonio to first get it right when it comes to the choice of locks, that is why they offer free consultation services to take care of this dilemma. The consultation you get from Alert Lock and Key takes into consideration, the amount of security risk any kind of property is capable of attracting, the personal preferences of the client’s, and their budget. They know just how to merge these and deliver quality solutions.


Alert Lock and Key are specialists in installing all kinds of access control systems for the security of your property. They provide a diverse array of lock installation services to ensure that nothing limits the security of your possessions. They offer the traditional lock and key system, the card swipe lock, and the button panel lock and will install whichever one is the most appropriate for each situation. San Antonio residents love the swiftness of service that Alert Lock and Key provide. An average Texan value their time, and so will naturally choose a professional who will not only get the quality installation done but also get it done in record time.


Being locked out of your property, be it a house, or a vehicle is something that happens once in a while. If it takes place in or around San Antonio, then it’s no problem at all. Alert Lock and Key personnel will be somewhere close to you, closer than you think, and will respond swiftly to get you in as soon as possible, and without any significant damage to your lock.

The people love the fact that there is an expert San Antonio Locksmith that responds to lockouts round the clock. Alert Lock and Key personnel are available 24 hours to handle any distress calls and give you peace of mind. When a property changes owners, a lock replacement becomes necessary. Former owners could have duplicate keys that would mean that you are denied exclusive access to your own property. You will need a renowned San Antonio Locksmith to help you either rekey your lock or replace them.


You can get a security technology system upgrade and a super-smart alarm system installed in your building or vehicle. Alert Lock and Keys have continued to redefine the locksmith business for over four decades. Through consistent research and improvement, they have been positioned to deliver the most up-to-date technology-based locksmith services.


Every client that prefers the Alert Lock and Key services have a special reason for doing so. There is nothing as reassuring as having that strong conviction that your property is safe and secure even when you are a thousand miles away. There is nothing as heartwarming as knowing that you have a safety partner that will always be by your side in times of emergencies.

The presence of Alert Lock and Keys has made it possible for residents of San Antonio to have a locksmith that is ready to go the extra mile. If you live in San Antonio or it’s precincts, you can get top-notch locksmith services at a snap of the finger. You need not short-change yourself, the highest level of security is what you should be getting, because you deserve nothing less.