What Specs To Look For When Choosing Power Tools

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If you’ve just recently started to look for power tools on the market, you might get a little confused about what matters most when purchasing such items. If you want more speed, you sometimes have to give up torque. More torque? You might need to put up with heavier weight. In today’s article, we will focus on the main specs that you need to look for without getting so technical that only a pro will decipher what we’re saying.

What Specs To Look For When Choosing Power Tools

Keep these things in mind when searching for power tools. And if one of the specs isn’t shown on a product’s sheet, don’t be afraid to contact the manufacturer for details.


Torque is essential for heavy-duty projects. How the torque gets measured is highly technical. What you need to understand is that the higher the torque, the better you can penetrate hard surfaces while only sacrificing a little speed. If you plan on working heavy-duty, this is one of the key specs to check out.


Most people believe that torque and speed are dependent on each other. However, that is not the case. A slower drill will not necessarily have more torque and vice-versa. Faster drills can get stuff done quicker, but they are usually used for lightweight projects. Professionals often seek a balance between torque and speed to provide optimum power.

Battery power

You won’t always have a socket where to plug your drill. In such cases, getting a cordless power tool is essential. You need to make sure that the battery lasts long enough and doesn’t overheat quickly. It is crucial to note that choosing the right battery is as important as choosing the right drill.

Size and weight

Many beginners make a colossal mistake. They often overlook one of the most important aspects that directly control how comfortable you’ll be while working. Remember that you might need to hold the tool for long or at a certain angle. Even gym enthusiasts get tired if they work uncomfortably, so don’t be a hero and choose something right for the job.

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The price

By far the biggest obstacle for many people, this is something that you’ll have to deal with regularly. You can find power tools that cost less than their counterparts, but they also usually sacrifice long-term reliability. Remember always to check the user reviews to see if the price is worth it or if you’re sacrificing a lot more than you think.


Having a clutch is vital for avoiding costly mistakes. The clutch’s role is to disengage the drive shaft of the drill when a certain level of resistance is reached. It gives you control so you don’t strip a screw or overdrive it once it’s snug. And it also protects the motor from overheating or outright breaking if met with too much resistance force.

Handles and grips

You wouldn’t want your drill to slip from too much sweat or your hand to get tired easily. If you’re in a physical store, try holding the tool for a while and see how it feels. Try to imitate the movements you’ll be making when working with it. Use caution to not hurt others or break stuff, obviously. If, however, you’re on an online store’s page, check the user reviews to see what they have to say regarding this aspect.

LED lights

Often overlooked, this feature comes in handy more times than people like to admit. Without an LED light, it would be nearly impossible to work in the dark. Of course, you could always use a flashlight, but that wouldn’t be practical or safe. If you work in tight and dark spaces a lot, it’s imperative to keep this feature in mind.

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