How to Fix Condensation in Double Glazing Windows

Condensation in double-paned windows is a problem that can lead to improper functioning of those windows. This means that you should have it sorted out as soon as possible. If you don’t hire an excellent company to handle condensation in double glazing for you could end up replacing your whole window, and that will cause you more inconvenience and more money. The leading cause of condensation in such windows is usually a difference in the temperature of the air.

How to Fix Condensation in Double Glazing Windows

If the air inside the room is warmer than that outside the window and the sealant doesn’t function as it should, then there will be condensed air between the panes.

Preventing condensation

Condensation in double glazing windows can be prevented by making sure that the sealant is functioning properly and also improving the air circulation within the room. To check the functionality of the sealant, just run your fingers along with it as you move around the window. If you discover any gaps, then make sure it is fixed instantly. For air circulation, use fans in the house even when it’s cold. You can also open your windows regularly and try to use dehumidifiers, which will reduce the moisture level in your home. Remember to turn on fans when you cook or shower as well.

Fixing condensation in double glazing windows

Fixing double glazed windows can either be done by replacing the windows or restoring them. Either way, you’ll need the double glazing installer services of an excellent professional service provider. Most professionals will recommend replacement when restoration fails to give the window optimal performance capacity or if they think the damage is too extensive to be restored. For windows that have a warranty, you can get new ones for free and will make replacement cheaper than repair. Even if you don’t, you may be advised to replace the window anyway, depending on the assessment of the service provider socially if they discover that it would be cheaper in the long term. Your service provider will discuss all the possible options with you to help you save some money or find a quality glazed window within your budget.

How to Fix Condensation in Double Glazing Windows - window structure

Restoration is possible if the service provider finds that they can replace the condensed air with dry air. Most companies are usually able to achieve this by drilling holes at the top and bottom sections of the condensed window. The holes are very small, so you don’t have to worry about your window being damaged. The top hole is for spraying liquid mixtures into space while the bottom one for sucking out the liquid. The liquid used consists of different window cleaning solutions depending on the company, but they are usually safe. Once all the liquid is sucked out, and the window is dry, the holes are blocked with special plugs that allow the escape of air and vapor from the window without letting it back in.


If you’re not sure about what method is the best for you, then a window cleaning and repair company near you should give you the best advice. Make sure you hire a company that has a good reputation in terms of how they treat their customers and the quality of their work.

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