Signs of a pest invasion in your property

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It’s not always immediately obvious when a pest has invaded your home. Some pests create loads of mess and noise that anyone would be able to identify, but others can lie in the shadows, waiting to strike. Luckily, you can usually identify you have a pest control problem and even narrow down which pest you have, if you learn the signs of an invasion.

Signs of a pest invasion in your property

It’s always recommended to get a professional pest control company in to remove pests as they’ll have years of experience in safely removing hazardous animals.


Mice are one of the more common pests that can invade your home. Upon finding an entry point, they can burrow into your home, making a cozy nest in your walls or under your floorboards. Mice can create a lot of disturbance as they scurry loudly and generally make a lot of noise, so this could be the first sign that you have an unwelcome furry guest. The classic sign of a mouse in the house is droppings left around where the mouse roams. Look for small black pellets on the ground as a sign of rodent activity.


Rats are creatures of habit, so they tend to take the same routes when traveling. Therefore, a tell-tale sign of rat activity is seeing markings, fur and smears along a path. The most common place for rat smears are skirting boards, where the rodent will rub against when traveling to and from its burrow. Also keep an eye out for droppings and a stale smell, as these are also signs of rat infestation.

Wasps and bees

The obvious sign of a wasp or bee nest in your property is a buzzing and scratching sound plus the discovery of dead wasps or bees in your property. Look for an entry point in a wall cavity, shed roof or gap in brickwork – you should see a few wasps or bees coming in and out every few minutes. If you see a swarm of bees, there’s a good chance this is just a temporary swarm of bees and will disperse, usually in a few hours to a few days. Do not attempt to remove bees or wasps yourself as this could result in injury and potentially a life-threatening allergic reaction if you get stung.

Signs of a pest invasion in your property - wasp

Bed bugs

There are a few key signs that indicate bed bugs have moved in. Bed bugs often get mixed up with fleas, as both cause bites. However, bed bugs will typically bite all over your body but fleas will usually only go for arms and legs. If you smell a sickly, sweet smell of Almonds and find dark spots on your mattress, these are classic signs of a bed bug invasion. Bed bugs are also naked to the eye, so if you see small reddish-brown dots in the mattress and small white eggs, these are signs you should act fast to get a pest controller round.


Ants are arguably one of the easiest pests to identify in your property; creating characteristic swarms, these insects can cause a lot of damage. They roam your property in the thousands in search of food, causing damage to wherever they inhabit. However, some ant nests are hard to spot, especially if they’re tucked out of sight. You can prevent ants from coming into your property by cleaning up crumbs and other bits of food lift on the floor and by sealing waste adequately.


Birds like feral pigeons can cause a lot of problems, leaving droppings everywhere, introducing other pests into your property, causing noise and spreading disease. Common signs include a lot of noise, for example flapping and bird calls, damage to your property and debris like dropped feathers, droppings and dirt.


So, some pests are easy to discover and others are less easy to identify. If you’re ever in doubt about what’s crawling about, call a pest control company that can help you reveal what pest is causing you trouble and then remove it for you.

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