Benefits Of Using An Armless Office Chair

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There are diverse kinds of office chairs but irrespective of their kinds, the most important factor is comfort. Office chairs with arms are far more common than armless office chairs – many offices and individuals prefer them. However, some people prefer armless office chairs to office chairs with armrests.

Benefits Of Using An Armless Office Chair

Armless office chairs have several advantages over office chairs with arms, including:

Cost Reduction

This is definitely one of the best advantages of armless office chairs considering the size of investment required to furnish an office. Also, businesses always try to reduce their cost of operations to maximize profit. Armless office chairs allow offices to save a substantial amount due to their prices, which is directly associated with the lack of arms. Therefore, any office that is on a budget can easily take advantage of this.

Easy Movement and Versatility

This is a very important and highly relevant advantage of armless chairs. Office chairs with arms can be very restrictive. In fact, chair arms are considered to often get in the way. On the other hand, armless chairs are very versatile. They allow users to move freely within the chair as well as in and out of the chair. In armless chairs, you can take almost any kind of seating style, allowing you to adjust freely.

Saves Space

Armless office chairs are also very advantageous when it comes to managing space hence are perfect chairs for small offices. They can be easily and neatly tucked under the table or desk when not in use, allowing for free movement in the office. This makes them perfect in conference rooms and training rooms. Also, armless chairs can be easily placed side by side without taking much space. This makes it a perfect chair for reception areas.


While office chairs with arms are designed to provide adequate support for the user, it may cause posture problems. Firstly, armrests at the wrong height can cause major posture problems. Secondly, many users lean excessively on the armrests to support their posture which could cause posture problems. Armless office chairs remove these risks though it has its own posture risk especially for users who are not used to it. You could always go and grab some ergo chair online to best suit your posture needs.

Note: whether you use armless office chairs or office chairs with arms, you need to work on your posture to ensure you make the best of the great features of the chair. Whether armless office chairs or office chairs with arms, their key features to look out for when buying office chairs.

Benefits Of Using An Armless Office Chair - office chair

Key Features of Office Chairs

Typically, office chairs will be used for several hours each day. Hence, it is important to get adequate support and ultimate comfort. The following features are key features of a comfortable office chair.

Breathable Material

One of the most important features of a comfortable office chair is breathable material. This allows you to use the chair for several hours without feeling hot or sweating. This helps you fresh and focused on what you need to do. Also, it requires less cleaning than other materials like leather and that is important because cleaning office chair can be a daunting task.

Lumbar Support

Inadequate lumbar is one of the biggest problems in office chairs which is largely blamed for the high rate of back problems. When buying an office chair, ensure you go for one with proper back or lumbar support. Our back has a gentle curvature hence an office with good back support should take this into account.


This is another important feature because we differ in varying attributes such as the height and shape of the waist. Therefore, it is vital to be able to adjust the chair to suit your peculiar needs. Some of the parts of an office chair that require adjustability are the backrest, seat depth, and seat height.

Well-padded Seat

A comfortable office chair must be well-padded or well-cushioned. This ensures that blood can flow freely to users’ legs. This plays a fundamental role in the overall comfort.


If your job requires you to turn and move short distances, then you should go for a chair that allows you to move around and turn easily. This will help to prevent strain issues. You must also consider the floor – if the chair has the tendency of damaging the floor, you may want to get a plastic chair mat.


Though armless office chairs are not as popular as office chairs with arms, they have several advantages over the latter. If you are trying to save costs or manage office space, armless office chairs are great options to be considered. The benefits of armless office chairs are highlighted above alongside the key features of a comfortable office chair.

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