4 Things to Look for in a Perfect Circular Saw

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Circular saws are essential tools for any DIY enthusiast. If you plan on buying them, there are a few important things to consider. Getting a good circular saw means you may not have to buy another one for up to 20 years. With the right blade, your circular saw can cut ceramic tile, wood, or steel.

4 Things to Look for in a Perfect Circular Saw

The following are a few important things to consider when trying to find the perfect one.

Mechanical Style

Circular saws come in two main styles: worm-drive and sidewinders. Sidewinders are the most common style. They have a handle a little over the blade and the blade is typically placed on the right side of the handle. However, left-handed saws are available as well. They are great for use in home workshops because they are easier to maneuverable. Worm drives are heavier and more affordable. They are shorter and longer and the handle is behind the blade. The blade is mostly placed on the left so right-handed users can easily use it. Worm drivers are great for construction experts.

When choosing a mechanical style for your circular saw, note that the ergonomics may be different. All sidewinders, for example, may look the same but they do not all work the same. They may all feel different in your hands. The only way to find the best one is testing out a few options. Find one that feels well-balanced and weighs just enough. Good balance and a well-shaped handle play a major role in improving the comfort of your saw.

Power Rating

Think about your power needs before trying to choose the right circular saw. According to the team at wood2new.org, the power rating of a circular saw can have a significant contribution to its overall performance. The power rating in corded circular saws is expressed in amperage. Standard saws are 15-amp but 10- and 12-amp saws work well. They are a good choice if you want a saw for infrequent use. Higher amperage means a greater cutting power. With cordless circulars, the voltage is mostly rated based on their batteries. Most cordless saws operate on lithium-ion battery systems.

While there are lots of 18-volt saws in the market, there are lots of 20-volt cordless saws as well. When looking for a perfect circular saw, check the amp-hour rating as well. It should indicate how long the saw can work before the battery dies. It typically ranges from five to nine hours.

4 Things to Look for in a Perfect Circular Saw - blade

Corded Vs. Cordless

Like with most power tools, there are corded and cordless circular saws. The corded models are plugged in but cordless models use batteries. For a long time, corded models were thought to be better for heavy-duty cutting. However, recent innovations have made cordless models great as well. The performance gap between the two options has reduced significantly. If you are a beginner looking for your first circular saw, a plug-in corded model is your best option because of its sustainable power. Other benefits of corded circular saws include larger blades and better prices.

Drawing energy from the mains makes it possible to maintain the same power level all through use. There are no dips in performance making them perfect for tough or long jobs. Cordless options are great if you want to work outside and cannot access a power source. Cordless models give you the freedom to work anywhere. You do not need to worry about the cord getting caught up in something. In the recent past, cordless models have become lighter, more durable, and more powerful. Most of the newer models use standard battery packs.

Extra Features

When possible, choose circular saws with some extra features. While a circular saw with a proper blade and sufficient power is great for cutting, you do not need to settle for the basics. The following are a few features that may improve your satisfaction:

  • Power brake to ensure that the blade stops quickly
  • Built-in work lights to help you work at night
  • A saw foot made with cast magnesium instead of pressed steel
  • A laser guideline to keep your saw aligned

Even though you should not base your decision solely on extra features, they can help you choose between a few great options. When buying a circular saw, some of the most important things to consider include the mechanical style, power rating, and features. The decision to get a corded or cordless model depends on the nature of your work. While there are many circular saw options in the market, they are not always suitable for you.

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