Maintenance of restaurant chairs

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The quality and maintenance of restaurant chairs is an investment in the comfort of your customers and a surefire way to bring them back. However, wear and tear in daily use can affect even the best commercial seating without proper care of restaurant chairs. If you want your restaurant to succeed, you must ensure that your restaurant chairs last for many years.

Maintenance of restaurant chairs

When you think about the maintenance of restaurant chairs, the first thing that comes to mind is cleanliness.

Your restaurant chairs’ care is essential

The truth is that care of restaurant chairs is one of the most frequently overlooked items in restaurant inspections. You may think that the investigation usually focuses on the kitchen and food preparation areas but ignoring the worn-out restaurant chairs are often awaiting disaster. It is vital that you clean and inspects your chairs regularly for the success and reputation of your restaurant. In addition, knowing how to handle your restaurant chairs will extend the life of your restaurant seating and make sure your customers are comfortable.

Maintenance of Restaurant chairs with wood Seating

Usage: A mixture of lukewarm water and dish soap

Cleaning: Gently wipe the surface with a soapy water mixture and let it dry thoroughly when finished.

Other tips:

  • Avoid any products that contain citrus, which can remove the top layer.
  • Use furniture polish every three months, specifically designed for the restaurant chair finish. Do not change the brand during cleaning – this can make the wood look dirty.
  • Regularly wipe restaurant chairs with a dry cloth.
  • Treat your restaurant chairs with a wax paste every 3-4 months. It can help hide small scratches and minor damage.
  • Use a small amount of ammonia to remove stains or burns. Be sure to find a test first to ensure the finish won’t go wrong.
  • Use wax paste and steel wool to remove water rings. Again – be sure to find the test first.

Maintenance of Restaurant chairs with metal Seating

Usage: Do not use an abrasive household cleaning product; instead, use mild soap and water

Cleaning: Spray the solution on the surface and wipe with a clean cloth

Other Tips:

  • Do not allow the cleaner dry on the surface, which may damage the outer surface and cause the metal to crack or scratch easily.
  • Use a soft bristle brush to remove moldy dirt. Avoid using any abrasive brushes that may scratch or damage the metal.
  • Mild soap and water work best to remove greasy stains.

Maintenance of restaurant chairs with Vinyl seating

Usage: mild soap and water

Cleaning: Wipe the surface regularly with the solution.

Maintenance of restaurant chairs - cleaning upholstery

Maintenance of restaurant chairs with Fabric and Upholstery

Usage: Dry towel and vacuum cleaner

Cleaning: Use a towel to wipe off spilled dirt and surface dust.

Other Tips:

  • The most important thing you can do for fabric and upholstery is to treat the restaurant chairs with a stain protector before using it.

Maintenance of plastic restaurant chairs

Usage: Do not use abrasive household cleaning products. Use mild soap and water.

Cleaning: Spray the solution on the surface and wipe it with a dry cloth.

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