The Experience Is What Counts: 10 Upgrades You Can Apply to Your Conference Room

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Quality conference room tech is a significant factor in holding better meetings in person or remotely. The right technology will help impress participants, but there are also modern tech solutions that help streamline operations and communication. More efficient meetings result in a higher level of success for the entire team.

10 Upgrades You Can Apply to Your Conference Room

Remember, first impressions count. While the telescoping doors from KLEIN are impressive, there are a few other steps that should be taken to ensure an effective and productive conference experience. While the way the conference room works is essential, it is vital to carefully consider the tech that is in place. This will help participants get down to business, and if it isn’t up to par, it may seriously derail potential and productivity.

Connecting Remote Workers and Participants

Having a superior level of connection is essential. Today, flexible work arrangements are higher than ever. It is also estimated that by 2027 more than half of the workforce is going to be telecommuting. With the onset of COVID-19, the number of teleworkers has grown even faster. Along with support for road warriors, using video conferencing will help reduce costs, expedite decision-making, and boost productivity. Today, cloud-based video conferencing makes it easier than ever to host video meetings from the on-site conference room.

Be Appealing to Top Talent

The talent shortage is a real thing. As a result, companies have to take additional steps to ensure their facility or organization appeals to those searching for a job. It’s the small details, such as current tech and compelling designs, that will impress people searching for a job. The tech-savvy group of millennials probably won’t choose to work for a company that uses outdated tech that doesn’t support the modern collaborative work style they have grown accustomed to.

Increase Productivity

Some of the most common setbacks in modern conference rooms include pass-the-cable content sharing, incompatible dongles, and connectivity issues. Not only are these a complete waste of time, but they also impact creativity and productivity. When everything works well and as it should, the meeting goals are achieved much faster.

Sound Solutions

While a picture is worth a thousand words if a conference room does not have a reliable sound system, the entire meeting is likely going to fail. It is estimated that up to 67% of workers deal with distracting background noise during meetings, which stifles productivity. Be sure that quality audio is invested in before hosting a meeting.

Reduce Cases of Reverberation

Investing in the best speakers, mics, and other sound equipment is excellent, but the room may still cause issues. The acoustics in a conference room plays a huge role in participant’s hearing one another. Reverberation time or RT is the amount of time it takes for a sound to fade in an enclosed area. Installing more absorbent surfaces will help the sound faster. If a room has a lot of reflective surfaces, then the sound will linger longer. Unfortunately, these surfaces can cause serious problems when it comes to hearing what is being said.

Consider Smart Integrations

Today, the smart film is set to change the conference room design completely. This is also called “switchable film,” and the tech has come a long way. Now, it can be retrofitted for current surfaces. With smart film, it is possible to keep the look modern and minimalist while providing privacy, when needed, with the flip of a switch.

10 Upgrades You Can Apply to Your Conference Room - cozy conference room

Make Sure Things Are Comfortable

It is a good idea to go a step beyond great tech and good looks. Guests in a conference room should be comfortable and impressed. This is going to lead to higher levels of productivity. If people are uncomfortable, it may derail their creativity and productivity. Wobbly tables, flickering lights, and annoying fans are just a few of the irritants that should be eliminated. Overcrowding can also cause discomfort.

Take a Stand

While comfort is essential, creating a design that focuses on well-being and health is better. There is a growing trend backed by plenty of evidence that standing during a conference ignites creativity. Because of this, many companies have already designed their conference rooms with standing-height tables. This will boost productivity, but it helps combat the adverse effects of prolonged periods of sitting. Standing for an hour or more throughout the day can help employees improve their health and even reduce the likelihood they will suffer a heart attack or stroke. What is even more beneficial is that standing more can help a person extend their life. Just implementing this feature in conference rooms will be beneficial for workers who may not have an opportunity to stand much throughout their regular workday.

Make the Conference Room an Extension of the Brand

The conference room can serve as an extension of the business and brand. The goal is to create a seamless and unified experience when anyone interacts with the brand. This, of course, includes the conference area. Work with the company’s marketing team to see how branding elements, such as logos and colors, can be used in the space. This is going to pay off.


Conference room technology facilitates the ability to see, hear, and collaborate efficiently. By integrating this type of tech into a conference room, the design is going to be improved. This is a trend that is growing in popularity. One of the main concerns is being able to hide the large number of wires that accompany new tech. However, when tech is skillfully integrated into the conference room, it will help attendees start working on business issues immediately. It will also increase the overall impression of the space. Consider using furnishings with power adapters built-in, wireless charging, and more.

Upgrading a Conference Room Will Pay Off

When it comes to creating the perfect conference room, there are an array of issues and things to think about. Be sure to keep the information above in mind. It outlines some of the most effective ways to ensure the business’s conference facilities are ready to provide a productive and efficient environment.

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