Awesome DIY Projects to Start This Summer

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If you’re someone who loathes boredom and thrives on productivity, then DIY projects are likely your best source of entertainment. You’re likely reading this right now in the hopes of finding a fun new project or two start.

Awesome DIY Projects to Start This Summer!

If, however, you’re new to the DIY scene, not to worry. At, we know that these projects are easy and although there are numerous mistakes to make, soon you’ll be able to boast about being a DIY pro too.

Awesome DIY Projects to Start This Summer- sewing

DIY Embroidered Furniture

When you think of embroidery, what comes to mind?

To many, it was an old woman doing needlepoint. And, indeed, needlepoint is exactly what embroidery is. However, machine embroidery designs can be used for more than just pretty pillowcases, curtains and table covers. Complex geometric patterns can be placed on wood as well. It might seem a little far-fetched and complicated, but we can assure you it’s not.

What to do? Embroidering wooden furniture is rather easy.

  • Choose a simple piece of furniture (such a small side table) and carefully draw the patterns that you’d like to embroider on it – this can be simple or complex designs, or even words.
  • Next, you will need to drill holes along the length of your design. Ensure that the spaces between the holes are equal.
  • Once completed, you will need to sand the furniture on both sides to remove any splintering and writing from the pattern that you drew. If you wish to paint the furniture as well, now would be the time.
  • Once the paint dries, you can now begin threading your wooden furniture. Go slow to avoid mistakes, you wouldn’t want to have to start over.

If you’re starting out with embroidery for the first time, but would still like to embroider your furniture, perhaps it may be best to start small and work your way up. Creating jewellery by embroidering small wooden disks, or a wooden box, are both great ways to learn how, before you move on to actual furniture.

Awesome DIY projects to start this summer - DIY pull out clothes rack

DIY Pull Out Clothes Rack

Cluttered wardrobes will always be a problem and that’s why a DIY pull out rack can ease your life by miles!

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Awesome DIY Projects to Start This Summer - DIY hammock

DIY Summer Hammock

Did you always wanted a hammock in your backyard but, unfortunately, there wasn’t nearly enough space for this indulgence? If you do have the space, then this would be a fun, cheap and easy project to incorporate within your home.

What you’ll need:

  • A sewing machine;
  • Scissors;
  • Pins;
  • Zip-ties;
  • A cotton beach towel, blanket or fabric of at least 40” x 80”;
  • 1” leather, nylon or canvas strapping (this depends on whether your machine can sew leather);
  • Mid- or heavyweight canvas or cotton muslin (4” x 40”);
  • Sturdy rope for hanging the hammock;
  • Cotton twine.

What to do:

  • Create a 1” hem on each side of the towel;
  • Then, cut two 2” x 40” strips of canvas. To create a sturdy 2” hem on each side of the hammock, fold and pin the towel over the canvas strips. Sew the hem closed;
  • Fold the canvas strapping (18 pieces of 6” length straps) so that you’ll have loops and then sew them onto the hem of the hammock at equal intervals (when sewing, form a box with a cross inside to ensure the loops stay secure);
  • Loop eighteen pieces of 8’ length rope through the canvas loops. Create a big loop with the loose ends of each strand and tie all the strands together at about 30” from the hammock;
  • Finally, wrap the cotton twine around the big loop multiple times until the loop is thick, clean and solid.

Now, go find a place to hang your beautiful new hammock.

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Awesome DIY projects to start this summer - DIY deck

DIY Floating Deck

Okay, so maybe needlepoint and sewing machines aren’t for you? Then perhaps the final project on my list will be more to your liking. A floating deck can make your backyard look a lot more elegant and stylish, especially if you already have well-placed trees and flowers to add ambiance to your new relaxation area. Another plus? No sewing machines; only construction tools for this project.

What to do:

  • First, excavate and level the area that you’ve chosen for your deck. Set and level four corners of blocking for the deck. You should dig roughly 6-inch holes for the blocks so that they can be adjusted easily. Space the blocks for a 7’ x 19’ rectangle and use a level (string or laser) to check that each block is level;
  • When creating lines for the interior blocks, measure 2 ft from the corners and mark it with spray paint down the shorter portion of the deck; another line should be sprayed 2ft between the two interior lines;
  • Now that you have your three horizontal lines, dig a 6-inch trench along each line, and then another trench between the corner blocks;
  • Time to set and level your interior blocks. To do this, place four interior blocks on each trench line, 2ft apart. Ensure that your interior blocks are level with your corner blocks. The result should be 3 blocks between the vertical corners and 2 blocks between the horizontal corners;
  • Once the blocks are equally spaced and level, set them using wet concrete. Add or remove concrete where necessary. Allow the concrete to dry and set properly before moving on to the next step;
  • Once you’ve double checked to ensure that everything is level, you can now lay the 2” x 6” deck joists. Each joist should be 2ft apart; measure them to ensure that they are evenly spaced;
  • Finally, you can begin laying the deck boards. The boards are meant to have a space between them, so use a small nail at the joints as a spacing guide. This final part should progress quickly;
  • You deck is now complete, and you can add any final touches (such as trimming, etc.) that you’d like.

Once you are satisfied with your deck, add your sofas and tables, and just kickback to enjoy all your hard work.
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But wait, do you already have a deck which is rather neglected? The experts from GJP Floor sanding say that refreshing it does not need to be a dirty and tiresome project. High-end professionals use dust-free units and work in a proficient manner. With a good finish and sealing, your deck can be as good as new!
Awesome DIY projects to start this summer - gardening corner

Build a gardening corner

To build your own gardening corner will not only mean an area where you can rest and enjoy some peace and quiet but also comes with a number of health benefits. Setting up yours does not require you to grow all the plants zero-up. One great option is to consider decorative trees, container gardening.

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Awesome DIY projects to start this summer - DIY fence gate

Build a small fence garden gate

To build a light fence will not take you much in both effort and funds but will surely boost the curb appeal and overall value of your home. According to First Security, the presence of a light fence has an perceptual effect that makes any property seem less accessible to people. The same idea came from Ryan, a Glasgow stonemason, a stone wall no higher than your knee will also have the same effect of restricting your back or front yard.

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Final remarks

DIY projects all come with some risks attached to them, and you should take the proper safety precautions when doing any of the above-mentioned projects. Now, go create something beautiful!

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