Tips for Safe Water Fountain Installation

Water features (fountains) are a valuable addition to a home, outdoor garden setting, and office. The water fountain not only improves the aesthetic appeal of your home/office but also brings about a sense of peacefulness and tranquility. The sounds of running water from each fountain are soothing hence can help drown your worries and stress away. Although you might know this already, water fountains can be used to serve various purposes in both the home or office setup. For instance, you can have a large water fountain installed to help mask noises from a noisy neighborhood and traffic sounds.

Tips for Safe Water Fountain Installation

Although unique, indoor water fountains are very simple. They are made of a series of connected pipes/tubes, a recirculating pump, and a basin. The pump draws water from the bowl to pumping it through the pipes to the top part, which then allows the water drizzle down back to the basin.  As long as the pump is on, the water will always be in constant motion, thus producing the soothing trickling sounds.

Investing in a water fountain would be a wise idea, especially if looking to create a serene environment in your home. You should however check to see if there are any restrictions imposed on having such a feature installed in the building. Checking with the local building permit agency should help you know if there are such restrictions in your area. Some agencies might require you to have the fountain installed several feet from the building.

The Electricals In Water Fountains

Once cleared to install a water feature in the building, you can then proceed to order your preferred water fountain. Make sure to read the instructions manual first before installing large stone water features. This is particularly essential since a wrong connection (in the electrical area) can cause the water fountain to malfunction, or even worse, short circuit. Avoid the risk of electrocution by following installation guidelines to the letter.

Indoor Fountains At Home

The pump is often electricity-powered. Proper installation is required to reduce the risk of electric shock when using the fountain. For your fountain to be safe, it needs to be plugged in a GCFI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt) protected outlet. GCFI outlets force the pump to shut off automatically and the electrical line to de-energize if a short circuit is detected. Failure to connect the water fountain to such an outlet increases the risk of electrocution should you or a pet touch the water. Never run a water fountain without the specialized GCFI outlet in your home. An expert electrician should be able to convert a standard socket into a GCFI with ease.

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