Epoxy Flooring Adds Aesthetic Appeal

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Flooring is often an overlooked aspect of home construction and remodeling. Most people often stick to the default flooring setup and leave it at that. Others go for more practical or even stylish options. Depending on the kind of flooring you go for, it helps to choose something that will last you a long time. That’s why we made this comprehensive guide to epoxy flooring aesthetic appeal and durability.

commercial epoxy flooring

There are lots of options for construction material to use with flooring. Depending on your building structure and room needs, you can opt for concrete, wood, or metal. Each material has its own set of pros and cons. Durability can also vary. For some, getting a concrete floor is often the ideal setup, which is then complemented by tiling or carpeting. But depending on the kinds of activities that go on in the room, it may face different wear and tear thus adding a layer of protection to your flooring is a huge plus.

“Epoxy coating can provide your flooring with protection,” said Martin Campos, Owner of SATX Epoxy Floors. It can help add a durable and tough finish as well as add a touch of beauty to plain (and sometimes ugly) concrete. Adding an epoxy finish to your garage or room floor gives it a very eye-catching shine while protecting it from harmful elements. Your floor can be safer from spill stains, breakages from dropped objects and the like. Best of all, you have a lot of customization options so you can pin down that ideal decor aesthetic. By the time installation is done, you’ll have some of the best epoxy floors Fort Worth has ever seen!

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy is a resin applied as a coating to concrete that settles over time, either assisted with thermosetting tools or leaving it at room temperature. It’s a two-part coating that you can get by mixing epoxide (either clear or colored) with polyamine hardener. The hardener acts as a catalyst, creating a chemical reaction on contact, which allows for the exothermic curing process to start. The result is a highly durable and thick layer of material that sticks to most surfaces.

Most garages and showrooms opt for a combination of coating that includes colored coats, an additional protective clear coat, and decorative flakes. This can also include metallic epoxy, which allows for wild designs and glossy looks. The downside to this is that it takes a lot of cleaning as the darker colors make it easier to see dust prints and debris.

What Can It Do?

We’ve gone over a shortlist of perks to getting epoxy flooring. Whether it’s for your garage or you’re looking for a commercial epoxy floor system in your business, you can enjoy the following benefits with epoxy coating.

Protected and Sealed Concrete

Winter often results in icy roads, which are salted to prevent accidents and allow safe use. These salts can stick to your tires during a storm and you end up bringing them into your garage. Salt corrosion can then damage the concrete and cause cracks or pits. There are also a handful of liquids that can spill or leak into the concrete leaving unsightly stains and further deterioration. Epoxy coatings can protect your concrete floors from issues with salt corrosion and staining, effectively extending their durability and lifespan.

Epoxy Flooring in the living room

Easier Maintenance

It is generally easier to clean and maintain epoxy-coated floors. Dust, dirt, and grime caused by various objects slide off easier with regular cleaning. The epoxy coating also prevents these from seeping into the concrete. Mopping with regular water and mild solutions is usually enough to clean off the dirt from the surface. Doing so also extends the durability of your flooring.

Environmental Safety and Health Concerns

Concrete is a porous material and can hold moisture like a sponge. The resulting dampness can result in bacteria, mold, and mildew breeding in its pores and crevices. These can in turn impact the health of people making use of the area for certain periods of time. With an epoxy coating, such concerns about your floor can be put at bay.

Aesthetic Appeal

Whether it’s a residential epoxy flooring or a garage installation, each room is treated as a livable space. A garage can be repurposed as a home gym, recreational spot, or guest room on top of vehicle storage. An epoxy floor system appeal is that it allows for lots of decorative options that can make a really good impression on guests and potential home buyers.

These are just some of the many benefits of getting an epoxy flooring system installed in your home or workplace. Whichever your preferred aesthetic or functional needs, there are lots of customization options to epoxy flooring available. You can work with most contractors on installation and application.

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