Home Water Filtration System Guide

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The perks of filtering your water are enormous. Deciding to filter water makes sense from both an economic and health perspective, but there’s need to address the issue of the best water filtration system fit for your home.

From the basic water filtration pitcher, the under sink filter to the whole-house models, we believe it’s essential for clients to realize what they are acquiring and why.

Home water filtration system guide

In a bid to help you choose the most suitable water filter system for your needs, we have outlined a few points that will prove beneficial in the long-run.

Here are few tips for choosing the right water filtration system for your house.

Contaminants in water

As you carry out your research, you’ll discover that various water filtration system filter out different types of impurities. Therefore, homeowners need first to determine the contaminants present in their water to guarantee they purchase a water filter that eliminates or cuts down these undesirables. Even though water providers know that they can be served with water contamination lawsuit, they still do not filter water to exclude all the contaminants.

Obtain a quality report form your water provider to verify the contaminants present in your water. Seek the services of a private company or get at-home water analysis from practically any home improvement outlet as an alternative to your water provider.

Upon establishing the impurities in your water, narrow down on the most efficient water filtration system suited to your needs.

Understand the typical water filtration system

Home water filters make use of similar technologies to purify your water. Even so, the various filtration technologies differ in effectiveness. For instance, a water softener utilizes ion exchange to lower magnesium and calcium levels but fails to eradicate most other contaminators.

Mechanical filters get rid of cysts and sediments but can’t eliminate chemical pollutants and are usually employed with other mechanics.

Carbon filter systems differ in effectiveness, and the leading ones eradicate chlorine and a broad array of contaminators like asbestos, mercury, and lead.

For those of you who want to learn more abouc types of water softener system, we recommend that you Check out one of the specialized sites like WaterSoftenerGurus.

Home water filtration system guide - complete system


As you would guess, the prices between under-sink, pitchers, and whole-house water filtration systems differ. Hinging on your filtration requirements, one method may suit you more than the others.

Supposing you desire the convenience of a filtration system at your sink and not having to agonize about replenishing your decanter, the under sink water filter would suit you well. For a high-performance filtration plan, the Whole House Water Filter System is the smart choice.

This system makes sure water from all taps is treated, so the whole family savors clean and filtered water in the bathrooms, kitchen and all your appliances.


Some filtration systems require a couple of drillings on your wall during installation although this shouldn’t pose difficulties in your own home, persons renting may not want to contemplate any drillings. The ideal solution for tenants is the countertop filtration system or the more enduring reverse osmosis filters.

Ensure certification

You want to establish whether your filtration system is NSF accredited. No matter your filter’s size it’s shrewd to ensure your filter is certified by checking the seal.

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    No love for reverse osmosis? RO systems are some of the best available – just be sure to add the essential minerals/etc back into the water once you’ve filtered it :)

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