Home Appliances Maintenance Tips

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Home Appliances Maintenance Tips

Even though the home appliance has made our lives much easier, but we cannot deny the comfort and convenience these appliances provide us. If you think of taking a day off without these helping hands, it can turn out to be quite annoying and troublesome. But these men made machine can break down or go out of function if not taken care of properly, that’s why home appliances maintenance is very important.

For a longer running life, good care and correct use of these appliances is very necessary and thus comes the need for appliance repair. Let’s have a glimpse at some of the few care and maintenance tips for some important home appliances that we use every day thus ensuring an extended life for them.


The refrigerator is the most needed appliance in a kitchen. Considering the use and cost of the refrigerator, people take more care and time to choose a new refrigerator. Some of the key things that people should take care of while using refrigerator are:

  1. It is always advisable to not overload the refrigerator with more items then recommended. It overloads the compressor making it work more to keep food and beverages cold and fresh.
  2. Do not open the door frequently as it can drop the temperature by 5-10 degree Celsius. When fridge doors are opened, warm air gushes inside and cold air pours outside the refrigerator, moreover, it can also affect the compressor

Washing Machine

Like any other home appliance, washing machines make our life easier and hassle-free.  It is important to understand that for high efficiency and long life of washing machine, regular care and maintenance is very crucial. Some of the tips that can come handy while dealing with a washing machine are:

Home appliances maintenance tips - washing machine

  1. It is always advisable to wash smaller loads. Putting in large loads can lead to the early death of your washing machine. And also do not wash your huge carpets and rubber mats in the washing machine.
  2. Always wipe and clean the inside drums of the washer with a damp cloth at least once a week. It will help in the removal of any kind of soapy residue, dirt, left threads from clothes etc.
  3. Once you are finished washing and drying clothes, keep the door open to let the moisture and dampness evaporate.
  4. Always wash clothes in small loads with less detergent. Use of excess detergent would not only damage the clothes and also the water pipes and motor of the washing machine.


The microwave is one of the must-have kitchen appliances today. It is being used very often for cooking, baking, and heating purpose. It has made cooking a joyful experience. But it is very important to use and handle this appliance with great care and caution. Here are some of the useful tips to maintain microwave and increase its life expectancy.

  1. Never put any metal utensil or container and not even an object with metal trim inside the microwave.
  2. Always remember to remove the aluminum foil from the food item before putting them inside the microwave to avoid any fire hazard.
  3. Never heat any flammable food and beverage inside the microwave to avoid fire or explosion.
  4. Do not heat any sealed food container or packed food or beverage item. Always remove the seal first and then heat items to avoid an explosion.
  5. When the microwave is in use, do not cover the top.
  6. Clean the food spills and stains inside the microwave after every use to avoid any rotten smell.

These are some of the many electrical appliances that we use in our day to day life. But the list is many and it is very important to look into home appliances maintenance. Along with the daily care and maintenance, the appliances should be checked by professionals for appliance repair, either quarterly or monthly depending upon the type of appliance.

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    I never knew that using excess detergent on washing machines can actually damage its water pipes and motor. Our washer is not responding at all. No matter what we do, its motor is failing to work. Maybe its because we never really mind the number of detergents that we’re using when we’re washing our clothes. We’ll be sure to have it repaired as soon as possible.

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    I like that you pointed out the importance of appliances maintenance if you want your appliances to have a longer running life. This is something that I failed to remember. Our antique stove at home has been failing to work. For some reason, its switch seems to not respond at all when I am trying to use it. I will have it repaired professionally as soon as possible.

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    I never knew that your washing machine’s water pipes and motor can be damaged if you will use excessive detergent. Our washing machine has been malfunctioning since the other day. It has been shutting down and making sounds that are unusual. We don’t mind the amount of detergent that we’re using when we’re washing our clothes. We’ll have our washing machine repaired by a professional as soon as possible.