Anyone can rent a dumpster but the permit problem arises when we want to have the dumpster on our property. Sometimes debris around the exterior of your home can be far too much to handle and too much to stuff into that garbage can. Storms can leave plenty for you to clean up. Some smaller roofing companies offer the choice of paying them extra for the removal of the old debris or leaving it for you to remove.

Do I need a permit for dumpster rental

It’s not at all unusual for a family to accumulate unbelievable amounts of items that are no longer used. When it comes time to sell and move, no family wants to pack and haul all this extra baggage that the family members no longer use.

Most of us seldom stop to think about the household items that take up space in the kitchen cabinets, the clothing no one wears anymore and old shoes cluttering up the closet floors. The garage and attic can be big offenders, often being the recipient of many of these unused items that pile up year after year. One helpful solution can be a yard sale. Many items that are perfectly good and usable may not only help lessen the clutter but bring in a little extra cash as well.

For many of us, however, a yard sale can’t come close to solving the problem of getting rid of all the clutter we’ve collected during past years. Doing home renovations, especially major renovations or building an addition to your home, these almost always demand the use of a dumpster. If you have a pickup or know a friend who has one, you can sometimes use it to tote debris to a dump site. But the bad side of this is that each visit to a dump usually involves a treacherous drive over the last leg of the trip, a land-mine filled road just waiting to stick a screw or nail in your tires. These final approaches are often muddy and slippery as well. Then, along with other people just like you, you back your pickup in as far as it will go and climb up and shovel everything out of the bed and into the pile.

A pickup can only carry so much. On the other hand, you may want to consider the rental of a dumpster. A company like Eagle Dumpster Rental can place a dumpster at your home for you to use. One dumpster can normally hold everything you could possibly have. That includes old televisions, washers and dryers and so on. You’re under no pressure to hurry. You just work at your own pace and when you’re ready, your dumpster will be whisked away leaving you with an immense feeling of relief at having disposed of so much unwanted household items once and for all.

Do I need a permit for dumpster rental - cleaning the house

Anyone can rent a dumpster but the permit problem arises when we want to have the dumpster on our property. Most of us seldom know that in some municipalities, it’s necessary to get a permit in order to have a dumpster on our properties. In many cases, having secured the necessary permits for adding a room to your home, you’ll find that these permits also permit the placement of a dumpster on your property.

It’s easy enough to find the number of the license bureau and call. If you’re told that no permit is necessary, but there may still be another hurdle to face. In many areas, permission may be needed. This can be in new home developments. These usually have a long list of restrictions designed to keep the neighborhood in a condition as pristine as possible. Condo associations too, may have restrictions on dumpsters and require a permit from them as well.

In the end, however, renting a dumpster to help you leave a pleasant clean house behind you is well worth the surprisingly low cost. And the peace of mind that accompanies the rental is worth even much more.