Does Wall Paneling Make A Room Look Smaller or Larger? And Why?

Looking for a way to spruce up your small space? Wall panelling is an easy and cost-effective way to transform any room in your home. But wait – doesn’t wall panelling make a small room look even smaller? Not necessarily! It depends on the type of cladding you get and how you choose to install it. In some cases, with a dark finish for instance, interior wood wall panels can make a room feel small. But you can also install light-coloured cladding to open your room up.

Does Wall Paneling Make A Room Look Smaller or Larger

This article looks at different ways you can use wood wall panels to play with space and trick the eyes. Whether your goal is creating the illusion of a bigger room or making it feel more cosy, there’s a decorative interior wall panelling solution for you.

Timber Panelling Creates Ambience

Wood wall panelling conjures up images of dark, somber members’ only clubs or shag carpeting and orange furniture. And while history rightfully put this style of wood panelling in its place, interior wood cladding is making a comeback. With countless styles, colours, and finishes, wood panels have taken on a modern twist – with creativity as the only limit to design. No matter your design goals, you cannot deny that timber panelling puts in a striking appearance. Modern, traditional, quirky – wall cladding makes an impressive addition to any interior style. Want to make a home study feel instantly cosier? Add a dark-coloured wood-panelled accent wall. Dark panelling also transforms large living spaces that would otherwise feel empty. When using darker colours, however, limit them to one accent wall or add pops of brighter colours around the room. You don’t want to feel overwhelmed by the darker hues. On the other hand, light-coloured interior wood panelling can expand a small space. Dado-height cladding in a white, grey, or cream finish makes kitchens or bathrooms feel open. Light colours also reflect natural light, expanding the space further. If you want instant ambience in either a small or large space, wood wall panelling will help you achieve it.

How to Make a Room Look Bigger with Interior Wood Cladding

If you live in a small house or flat, you’d probably like to maximize your space. How can you make a tiny kitchen, bedroom, or living room feel bigger while working with the limited space you have? In a kitchen, you can consider wood cladding instead of tile. Tile is a popular choice for kitchens because it’s easy to clean and comes in countless colours and styles. But wood panelling comes in many varieties too – some even made to look like tile.

Does Wall Paneling Make A Room Look Smaller or Larger - 3D wall paneling

In a bedroom, you can add a wood wall panelling feature behind the bed in place of a headboard. By framing the bed you make it the focal point, drawing the eye toward it. Creating distinct focal points makes rooms feel bigger. If you have a small living space you can draw the eye by putting wood slat panels on the ceiling. Ceiling panels also complete a space without making you feel boxed in. Wood panels with sound-absorption properties, like Quality 3d wall panels in Canada, can not only expand the room but also reduce noise pollution. Nothing makes a room feel small like hearing every sound your neighbours make!

Wood Panelling for a Feature Wall

Interior wood cladding also makes great feature walls. Go beyond just applying a coat of paint on an accent wall and add texture with wood panelling. Interior panels create depth which can either make a room feel bigger or smaller. It depends on how you present your wood feature wall, as well as how you decorate around it. With so many modern styles in wood panelling, you can create a stunning feature wall. Classic or geometric patterns, traditional wood finishes or brightly coloured – your options for a feature wall are limitless.

Finish the Room’s Style with Acoustic Wall Panels

There’s no use investing in a room’s visual appeal if noise is a problem. To enjoy your small or big space, you might need high-quality soundproofing materials. With acoustic wood wall panels, you can reduce noise while upping the style factor of any room. You can use them as purely decorative, or you can combine style and practicality by lining your room with sound-absorbing wood panels to decrease as much noise as possible. Whether you want to go big or small, you can make it happen with interior wood wall paneling!

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