Everything in your home is supposedly designed in your own liking and taste. From the design stage of your home, you already selected the best materials for your overall home décor. As the years go by, you might feel less inspired with your home décor. The best guess is that you may need a makeover. One section of your house that might need some makeover is your bedroom. This is because this space should offer you the most peaceful environment for you to have a good rest. Good rest means good health and more productivity.

Bedroom Makeover with right Fabric

Upon upgrading your bedroom décor, you might want to consider the fabric that you might want to use. There are varieties of fabrics out in the market for such applications but one fabric stands out. Chenille Fabrics is one of the most ideal fabrics to be used in your bedroom makeover. Let me give you some reasons why you should consider this type for your makeover. Chenille Fabrics is a type of yarn used in a fabric that makes it one of the softest material ideal for upholstery, cushions, and curtains. The threads are piled in creating the yarn which gives a fuzzy exterior of the fabric. It is made from different varieties of fibres such as cotton, silk, wool, and rayon. Due to its unique history and manufacturing process, it is one of the fashion trends in bedroom makeover.

Chenille Fabrics are known for some characteristics such as:

Fuzzy and soft – This is a result of the short piles of material on each strand.

Beautiful Drapes – This material has a soft beautiful drape which makes it very popular in the garment trends in recent years.

Durable – This material is extremely durable. Upon using chenille fabrics, you should closely follow its caring instructions to prevent shrinking and stretching.

Dazzling – Even though the fibres used in making chenille are not inherently shiny, it catches the light at the right angles due to the direction of the piles of fibres. This effect can make this type of fabric seem to dazzle.

Bedroom Makeover with right Fabric - chenille fabric

You can use chenille fabrics for your blankets also since it is soft and fuzzy perfect for bedspreads to keep you warm in cold seasons. You can also use it for your carpet and rugs as these are its primary uses. Chenille carpeting is very durable and has a soft deep pile. Chenille Fabric is also ideal for curtains as it has beautiful and elegant drapes. It is also best for your cushions and upholstery needs as this type of material is more affordable than its counterparts.

Most chenille fabrics should be dry cleaned but you can also hand wash or machine wash and dried lay flat so to prevent the material from stretching. The right room makeover can transform or upgrade your bedroom into something uplifting space that brightens every start of your day. Our bedroom designs should bring comfort and pure relaxation in every way so a bedroom makeover is less, not important.